Creating a great looking and functional kitchen in a small space can be a challenge. Scott explains how it can be done with the right layout and the right products …

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15 Responses

  1. Jeanette Kniebusch

    I think the pocket doors make it look smaller. I like that in a bigger kitchen.

  2. Heavy D Silva

    At his size I guarantee if you use your microwave daily u will hate it down there.

  3. Pampzm

    How much gap space in the cabinet did you leave at the sides and top of the fridge?
    The gap seems small.
    How will the heat dissipate?

  4. _____________a

    Hi Scott do you have more photos of this kitchen, I'm intersted in looking how it looks like in composition with the rest of the room.

  5. Theballonist

    There’s nothing here about HOW to design, it’s just showing off expensive materials and an ad for expensive appliances. No analyses of how it was layed out, how it connects to the rest of the house. Will not be subscribing.

  6. Melody Schleicher

    This is not a small kitchen. Mine is 3×2.5 m and is missing a 1 square meter in one corner. Now that is small.

  7. Evangelos

    Nice kitchen. Perfect size. I hate kitchens that are too big. I like everything to be in arms reach. 😃

  8. Louie Reyes

    The only channel that i stayed upon after work is your channel, we have a very small space which requires renovations so what i do is to get some ideas on how to occupy every space downstairs. We have 20 sq.m..downstairs. Anyhow, i am looking forward seeing on your channel a wày on how to fill in this small space so that it will be considered livable for me and may old parents which i looked after. Thank u Scott.

  9. Rose Tinted House

    nice but my kitchen is smaller than that and not open plan. Walls, walls, walls!

  10. Christina Richardson

    Hi Scott, I just found your channel ( and I subscribed 🙂 ) I just wonder where you bought that wonderful countertop? Is it marble or is it quartz??


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