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  1. tommydont104

    This is a great video! Which catalog do you use when you design? Are their ikea cabinets that you cant use in the layout in 2020? Thanks!

  2. The Ropes of Renovation

    Very informative especially with the side panels and molding under cabinet!

  3. Jess Melgar

    Oh god. 20/20……This video gave me nightmare flashbacks to using 20/20 in my high School architecture class. It’s the one reason I decided against going to school for architecture/interior design. Of course now that’s petty and I regret it. But that was absolutely the perfect kitchen. I think it would be nice to see how you would do islands dimension-wise too though

  4. dimitar pavlov

    Is there a general rule on where and what kind of drawers go to the planning as opposed to cabinet doors? At what point do you decide and add those into the planning via 2020 software? Thanks

  5. SecondhandHomeDIY

    This was SOOOO helpful. Thanks for taking the time to make this video – I was stressing on making sure I had everything laid out right and this answered all of my questions!

  6. David Morris

    The only incomplete portion is the gap between the top of the refrigerator and the cabinet above that. Is there a filler piece for that and how is it installed?

  7. Ajay Kumar

    What, this is a job!!! i do this kind of stuff all the time for my mom on CAD, i wish to work for you guys, this is amazing!! Mech. Eng by trade though… i love cooking that's why i stumbled upon this video, so excited

  8. Larry Kelly

    Great video. May I ask which version of 20-20 are you using and which cabinets catalog are you using to build. Thank you again.

  9. claudia Gonzalez

    Thanks for the video, I am trying to design my kitchen with the ikea tool, but is very tricky, I am on the verge of giving up… I have an odd shaped island (kind of an S) and sits on an angle of 45 closing my l shaped kitchen. I just need a simple plan to visualize what i want and need before going to the store or talking with the professional that are going to install it. I just need some advise, last time we had a bathroom done and I just did what was I was recommended by the specialist without taking the time to put my own on the design and I hated the bathroom later on.

  10. Ravi Sunny Kumar

    Awesome, very informative!, I am using chief architect to deign my Ikea kitchen. I wish I had  2020 instead now. Is it possible to cut the diagonal front corner ikea  wall cabinet? My corner is not 90 degrees , its got a small diagonal soffit  to hide some plumbing behind. CA won't let me drag my corner wall cabinet but I am thinking I can modify that in real life. Maybe I can't have  a susan inside but that's ok as long as it look good outside and structurally stable. Any thoughts? Thanks.


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