Hi everyone! Welcome to another DESIGN LESSON video! In each video I’m going to review some key design principles that you should keep in mind when …

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  1. Amanda Perez

    What would you do with a long narrow hallway?
    Btw, I always learn something when I watch your videos. Thanks! 🤗

  2. Tanurrah Dodson

    How do u decorate a small room…the focal point is usually the entire room because of the small size…

  3. Joyus Sohl

    Well this has to be some kind a YouTube record she got to the point in less than 35 seconds. No rambling folksy look-at-me ego-driven intro. Many thanks from this time-challenged lady.

  4. Shyamoli Chatterjee

    Question : how can you use cement and wood tastefully all over the house

  5. L Collins

    Why can’t you show poor people homes? Where help is truly needed. Not super rich home pictures where there’s gorgeous crown molding and built in fireplaces or bookcases and most are already easy to set up bc there’s space? I think designers are lazy who do this. Take on a true challenge help those who really need help to make their home beautiful. Tired of these type designers empty information. Be true. Be real.

  6. Sparkie3222

    I remember someone once said to me that 'focal points' or 'feature walls' were dated. Which is total rubbish of course

  7. suman mishra

    Great, just loved it. Precise, to the point, very informative with visual examples , and NO DRAMA.

  8. Patricia Barber

    We have recently moved to a log home and I'm having trouble decorating the whole space I'd like to start with the entry way. I don't want to make the space too "cabiny" themed. The entry way is mostly drywall with large beams and beautiful staircase, the exposed beams are aged honey pine. There are two large wall areas with a dormer window above the front door. Any suggestions on paint colour? It is currently a very very bright yellow. Any suggestions on art work and decor?

  9. Marish Lorica

    New subscriber. I love your teaching in design watching from Hong Kong

  10. veverly sumlin

    Very informative I love how you get to the point I subscribed thanks for a great interesting video

  11. Flyover Pilgrim

    I have binge-watched your videos. Thank you for getting to the point! I don't have unlimited time to watch YT, so I thank you for a concise format.

    We are considering moving our kitchen from the back of the house to the front. Our 70's ranch is plain, poorly laid out, and uninspiring. (We purchased the land, the house came with it!) The current kitchen is a small, dark, walk-through galley style. The room we are considering is larger, brighter. The utilities in the basement are right below, so running them up to the new room will not be difficult. We would probably remove some walls, change windows, and even move the front door! My point is : thank you for talking about focal points. This helps me immensely in thinking about what-goes-where in the new spaces.

    New sub. Best wishes to you.

  12. Belinda Azul

    I just subscribed. I find this vid complete guide because u started with the door up to the bathroom… with bonus tip. One thing is that youre straight to the point and make every second interesting. Thanksss

  13. okashi10

    I love how educational and straight to the point this video is. Great reference photos, too. Subscribed!

  14. Maria Muniz

    Wish YOU were were local to me… I’d hire your talent in a second.

  15. Ahmad Nobani

    My opinion: this type of videos targeted rich customers which they dont have time to watch such videos , my advice to u just tone it down and make it more affordable
    Not like bathroom in size of my whole building come on
    Really disappointed

  16. Plumer CRS

    I just subscribed. Love your channel. I love the fact that you get right to the point without a lot of chatting. And the information you share is very helpful. Glad I found you.

  17. Arian Smith

    Excellent lessons! Do you have ideas for how to paint and decorate around a red brick fireplace? The red of the brick isn't so ugly that it needs tobe painted. I would like to see how to keep it.

  18. aqua fina

    My apartment has 3 flrs. But the 1st thing you see is stairs and the living room. There is no space you just kinda fall into the area. Its hard to make one focal point with this type of layout. If you come in from the back or kitchen the wall in front has to bee focal but my stove and ill placed cabinet and a doorway are there. I am painting my door this summer so i can spruce up my curb appeal. I guess what im asking is how or what can i do to break the space up a bit so that you dont just fall into the space? I was thinking of making a small faux foyer by hanging curtains from ceiling to floor wall to wall
    completely enclosing the living room. Like a faux wall. This way when you walk in you see the stairs and beautiful soft curtain wall. Idk.

  19. aqua fina

    Hi. Im a new subbie. Can you give ideas for apartments and tiny budgets?

  20. cavhutch

    My hallway is Z-shaped with one end very dark. Would really welcome suggestions to make it light and interesting. Thank you

  21. Angela Berni

    I subscribed by the way, because your channel is not only intelligently informative,but also because you get straight to the point !!! When I see many women starting to perform with long drawn out chatting( maybe they feel like actresses),I immediately get bored and switch to something else. So compliments to you dear lady,for immediately holding our attention. Ciao,from an Italian.

  22. Angela Berni

    Every room I walk into the first thing you see are large windows with square glass panes in wood.

  23. emma ess

    Great video. I have an long, open floorplan. Open kitchen, then dining, then the livingroom, then the sunroom with view. How many focal points should I have? One per "room?" I have trouble figuring this out, since every room is visible from every other. Anyone's tips are welcome – -thanks!


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