Start to finish to make your own upholstered, tufted-style headboard. For more information on how we made this, check out my blog here: …

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  1. Meighan Rose

    Love it! I was looking to do something different. Bam! Inspiration complete!

  2. Liz Quilty

    This was a great idea until you go to the nails – seriously, thats aweful! they will pull right out and look like crp in no time.
    Better to drill a hole in the back, sew the button through the batting/foam/plywood and orotund a washer on the back to hold it in

  3. kasoka jonathan

    kindly send me the all materials which needs to make that divan bed/ headboard

  4. Victoria Briars

    You two did a great job!. I love love love it!. Now, I want to create my own!. 😊

  5. Tracy Hoffman

    Ty. Chels!! Also one more question, how can I successfully dye a light weight quilt? I only could find a white one. I have a king bed. I wanted white comforter but they were sold out. I was thinking of dying the 2 I have 1 blush color/ pastel pink, thats the smaller quilt. (Fits a double bed. But it would be OK for the end of my bed as accent color) Just buy rit dye? Is there another dye that is out there I know nothing about? I'm a little nervous. I wanted to do my main white quilt a cream or eggshell? Like more antique white than off white…. I'm just nervous and with the Washing machine I have the water starts filling only when you set the cycle then press start and the lid locks and it starts. It's a newer one but not like those really really nice ones. Like a front loader washer ( I really miss the old ones. They lasted for so long and the water didn't empty when you needed to raise the lid ) I thought maybe the laundry mat?? They have washing machines. I only have a cup dispenser to pour my bleach. Would it be OK if I used the dye in my bleach tray? Then run bleach through it only to clean it out and the machine after the process. I can't really check on it while washing or dying is in process. I don't have see through doors. And it's a water saver. I went to rinse clothes again after my washing was done on a load and the water fills only so much. It senses the weight I guess and only adds water to the clothes and not over the clothes. I don't know. Any advice you can give I would greatly appreciate it…. ty. Chels!! I love your channel and you. I want to see how you made the yarn or twine hanging lamps? I haven't seen it yet. But I'm gonna watch your videos…. I'm trying. I enter those giveaways on Instagram, but I don't know how to accurately do it. When I try to DM people it fails. I need help to figure out Instagram. I only have a smart phone…. no computer or wi-fi right now. But I never win anything…. 😭😭! Why me! Lol…. XOXO CHELS!! GREAT JOB ON THE HEADBOARD. THANKS FOR EXPLAINING STEP BY STEP THOROUGHLY. THAT REALLY HELPS. I want to start a YouTube channel but it will be awhile b4 I can. I have so many pressing needs that must be done first. And my budget is not enough right now for those needs. One day maybe. I want to blog and vlog as well. Thank you for your time….

  6. Tracy Hoffman

    WOW GUYS…. I LOVE IT. HI! I'M NEW…. I WANTED TO SEE YOUR FIRST VIDEO ALSO…. SO do you get the cleats at the hardware store?

  7. Carolee Watkins

    I have a request I have a wig room in my house I need to create shelves please help if u have any idea

  8. Leipzig Escobar

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. I have always wanted to do it but the other videos were not as clear on how to do it step by step….i feel confident now👌

  9. Kelly02895

    I made it through the video! Start to finish! I can never do that. Excellent video and the headboard looks awesome!

  10. khaleesi d

    Wow, you really saved me tons of money. Will defintly try this one 👍👍👍

  11. Ronald Chan

    Really warm ! Not just only budget or money issue, its great to have the friends, neighbours or family members building the HOME together with love and care ! Every pieces of materials contains and memorize lots of love, sharing and joyful experience ! It's for sure more than any expensive or beautiful board brought outside ! AWESOME ! Very clear tools, procedures and methodologies illustrated and shared. The most important thing is it never comprise with the quality and beauty ! The board is nice. good and great. Every friends and family members or even the audience can use their hands and heart to touch and feel the board ! It's full of love ! 💓

    Could definitely helps making the lovely dreams every night or every time !

    Great job, well done ! Can't wait for the next projects ! 😄

  12. Linda T

    You would have found it a lot easier and got even better results, (not that this doesn't look nice it does xx) if you had used two sheets of thinner ply drilled the holes for the buttons on one, then used heave duty cord to pull the buttons down into the foam and stapling on the board then wrap the other ply in a dyed black dust sheet stapled down and just screwed the two together. When you don't use the resistance of the foam to form the button wells, you don't get such a nice mould. Have made six of these for people..

  13. losheilahb

    Great job! Do you mind sharing the total prices of everything?

  14. Chris Lyzzette

    Can i please have the measurements of your plywood? I wanna start on this tomorrow and i have a king sized bed as well. I know you said 77 inches for the length but whats the height? Please and thank you! ☺

  15. Mondo Mike G

    That is the HARDEST part about carpentry…. being sure not to hit the wrong nail. = )
    I might recommend a piece of cardboard with a hole and slit at one side to hold it in place and keep your fingers safely away.
    Much Love

  16. Susan Pariseau

    Awesome job. I can not wait to try this when I have my Forever Container Home built. Thank you for sharing!

  17. Abbie Cummings

    Do you know about how much is spent on the materials needed. Everything except for the drill and stud finder and the stuff to hang it on the wall.


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