Indian Living Room Decor Ideas | How To Decorate Small Living Room It’s a decorate with me style video where I have shown how to decorate a small living …

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  1. haani12

    Very beautifully done. Please do share where you picked the items from. Thank you

  2. mohini bansal

    Beautiful deco Jaya..πŸ˜ƒ
    Pls so share from where you get the decoration stuff with their prices..

  3. AUM AUM

    Can u plz plz let me know from where u got that white pot in which u have kept live plant…areca palm

  4. jivanrekha bhople

    Very nice decor idea.. I loved it. I like the flower wall piece beside TV unit.. Also all artificial greenery. Plz share video of all decor collection prices and from where you got them..

  5. Priyanka sahithi Sampangi

    Hi Jaya.. I simply loved the decorative ideas. can you please tell me how you planned to cover all the wires for TV and set up box in living area

  6. nisha jeeva

    Off course v wanna know where all the deco items are from …Especially the brass flower wall hanging… Plz don't keep us waiting for long ….

  7. Sheena Nair

    Hi happy friendship day jaya.please make a video from where you bought those items. Expecting earlier.

  8. Another day in pair-adise

    Where did u buy the cane basket for storing remote?

  9. Bhagyashree Nikam

    Hi Jaya!! Lovely decor.. yes we definitely want from where you buy all ur decore stuff…

  10. Kulsum Ashrafi

    Don't like ur curtains they r so dull match them with ur theme

  11. nithya parameswaran

    Awesome awesome. Ur sitting room looks so beautiful n I really loved ur decor pieces <3 .. great job jaya ji…

  12. Sheetal Thakur

    Wow wow wow…… you beautifully decorated your living room. Like all the door piece and would love to know from where you have bought all of them. Please make a video on it. 😍

  13. Pallavi Singh'am I want to see ur mandir organisation if u have

  14. Ajitha Priyadarsini

    Hello, I am big fan or you! I am looking for such pieces. Please let me know where you found those. Bye!

  15. himani chaudhry

    Hi Jaya, the living room looks beautiful! Please let me know from where you bought the key holder and the basket with embroidered wrap..

  16. sheetal paul

    Such a positivity.
    U know how to sparkle each and every corner of your home with love and care.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice video.
    Tons of blessings for u dear.

  17. Nandini Ganeshan

    Hi Jaya, yes please help us with the decor items details. That will be of great help.

  18. saila keshav

    Your living area is awesome. your TV cabinet, internet , stabilizer wires are not visible. How you have arranged,Let me know how you have assembled. Pl reply

  19. Anusha Tripurari

    Hi Jaya! Please provide the link for the artificial plant with black pot behind Buddha. Thank you.


    hi jaya every thing is just superb and classy you have such a good sense of making a place alive lots of love πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™

  21. Pooja Dhir

    Hi jaya..ur decor ideas is really fabulous.. ..everything is perfect…m alwys waiting for ur next video..

  22. poovizhi monika

    Awesome decor….i likeeeeee sooooooo much… I'm so impressed…😍😍


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