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  1. Forgotten Vow

    ouch that is literally the size of my house miniature house duhh 😂 but I love it much coz it's our own. though it is still all original not been touched nothing on it yet lol we wanted to save more money to really get the furniture's and really design the house as we want it. and I love to have a cozy house, designed, glam miniature house lmbo hahaha oh well 😂. Robeson design gives me so much of inspiration and I am truly a huge fan of Rebecca. this house means so much to us, it is dream and I wish we could really make it happen (fingers crossed)

  2. shweta agarwal

    I'll saw all your video…Ur work is just amazing…the way u turn small space into heaven is jus incredible…Hope dat one day I'll got my own house and seek ur advise to bring a magic to my home…

  3. Shayna K

    WOW!!! I've been obsessed with watching your YouTube Tutorials for a while now!! You have such a beautiful style!!!! The way you transformed this apartment is my most favorite yet!!!! The colors are so beautiful and cozy!!! I love the way you put the bookcases from smaller to larger making the room look bigger as appose to all 3 bookcases the same height. My favorite items are the glass vase looking objects sitting on the book case item sitting on the book shelf. I would have NEVER thought about that shaped table — or even putting one in!! – I love that!!! You make me laugh! – You’re so daring!! You took tulips! Haha! I can't wait to watch some more!!!

  4. Luke Thomas

    I'm having fun exploring your channel, lots of cool stuff. We just think in different tax brackets.

  5. l turner

    If the shelves level with the back of the couch lifted by hinges there could be tons of storage there. Love your designs, you are very gifted, and you always look great too!!!

  6. Erick Disla

    That was awesome!!.. I love it!!…Question for you….that brick wall at the hallway is that real brick or faux panel?

  7. rneustel

    My mother used to go all over the country doing this for my sister. Sadly, my sister died two years ago, but I used to hear her saying the same thing to our mom.

  8. Blonde Bobbi

    This is AWESOME! I used to live in San Diego! I have had large places and small places. I LOVED your Chicago place, but I have to try to find the video on the San Diego place.

  9. jamjam_c

    I'm searching tiny apartment for inspiration on how to better use small spaces yet all these videos are considered a pretty decent size here in Hong Kong!!

  10. Dan Rigsley

    While I like the color scheme I guess the word "Minimalism" is not a vocabulary in this lady design. Just too much furnitures squeezed every last inch in a small space. Shelves behind the couch can be removed and add smaller couch. I guess this guy is not going to have a get together soon because there's no room to move anywhere. Less decorative use of shelve space and more functional use of shelve space would be more ideal.

  11. kikionline

    its been too lon since you have posted this wonderful video. but ehen i watched it i cried to see such beauty invented with passion….its my favorite video ever. mothers can change the world.

  12. The Traveler

    omg.. cant wait to see another video from you :DD such an inspiration Miss Rebecca 😀 Am an Architecture student from philippines . HI :D

  13. Elizabeth Sánchez Firmat

    i have a human being that you should meet..they are innocent and goo.. and the represent yur ocuntry,one of them can help your peple a lot…

  14. Nahid Irshad

    Rebecca u r such an energetic women,full of humour,u r my inspiration,just one doubt
    Why don't u all live in one big house ,if u can work 2gather u can stay 2gather and wouldn't have 2 shift again and again

  15. Linda Giammarino

    aww what a great video bonding with your son. the apartment is absolutely breathe taking.


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