Who else needs help making their homes more cohesive!? Don’t forget to leave your comment on what your favorite room of the house is and why!! Make sure …

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  1. Sister Spooky

    My Favorite Room: Bedroom
    Why?: Cozy, relaxing and private

  2. Anna Gray

    As a renter, you DO have control over your flooring. First, you can discuss with your landlord, especially if you are paying for it and have a long-term lease. Second, if your landlord is a douchebag, you can always use peel-and-stick vinyl tiles or planks over existing hardwood, tile, or vinyl. The only surface they will not work on is carpet.

  3. Lilia Nikolova

    You can show as, how to transfer something old in like modern good looking new thing. Like a table, or just a pillow case….
    Really like your channel… 😇

  4. J Montes

    Thank you! I love your work! My favorite you tube channel is yours and STYLE MOM XO, she is currently is updating at house that she just moved into. If you can check her out. Thank You!

  5. Raydine Seltzer

    I love my living room,because it has a tray ceiling , 24'x20.

  6. Elena Sullivan

    Wonderful tips. Although I watched all your "figure out your style" videos, this one helped me nail my style. Yay!

  7. Sara Hill

    What about when I like things that don't go with my theme? 🤔

  8. Tracy Doverspike

    My favorite room is our "boy cave". My boys painted it and designed it themselves. It turned out great and it's their hang out.

  9. yorkienme 226

    My favorite room is my bedroom. I'm happiest with how that room has come together. We downsized from 3500sq ft to just 900sq ft. I still need to change my dresser knobs to glass ones that I purchased, and find a soft pink rug for peeking out from under the bed. I've done white, crystal/glass, soft pink, and light blue/grey!

  10. B Zelich

    Not that my house isn’t cozy but my total fave place year round is the garden… thx for your info tho. Give me landscaping, flowers, a fire pit and food served alfresco & im sold

  11. Just Coni justme

    First choice: my den; then my bedroom. The den because it's where all my media resides. My bedroom because it's very relaxing place to unwind and eventually fall asleep. Please tell me about the envelope wall accent you have near the entry.

  12. Ro Smith

    I just love you but in this video I wish you would have shown examples of each step 😢

  13. Charisa Martin

    This video was so helpful! I'm now a subscriber. Thanks, Sharrah! Ps- my favorite room is my bedroom. So calming, and I start and end my day there. 😊

  14. janice chambers

    Thanks Sharragh great advice and I too love grey and cream together as a colour pallette have a great week love to your lovely mom too ❤️💐🌹🍀😘💋💄

  15. Isabel Flores

    my daughter said “please tell her to do Jojo siwa!!”i said .o.k i’ll do it


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