Designer Emily Griffin takes a modern approach to traditional style in a young family’s home. See how she puts a contemporary spin on antiques, dark wood and …

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  1. Maria Kane

    My ultimate dream home, how breathtaking, so refreshing from the mid century or Scandinavian designs, classic and fresh, perfect!

  2. Michael Dugenia

    This is one of the most tastefully designed homes I have ever seen.

  3. Peter Micu

    The piano by the window isn't a great idea for piano tuning purposes. The closer it is to the window, the more prone the piano strings to getting heat and the instrument can get out of tunely very fast. Also, a brown wood piano's color can be easily damaged with direct or high light. Pianos are more sonorous in colder and darker places.

  4. Sudha Mohan

    Such a refreshing change from the all white and grey minimalist houses. So much character

  5. Carlos Hugo Geib

    I became breathless! What a beautiful home. Really wonderful. Congratulations!!!

  6. stormsparrow

    I love love love the beautiful work that you did. It’s fresh, yet comfortable.
    I want this style.
    Thank you for sharing

  7. Bill Heap

    Beautiful design being an interior designer myself one thing I have missed for the last couple years is using classical high and traditional furniture mixing it with a new look with modern. I am tired of doing mid century modern ,so you're design is beautiful and how you implemented classical and modern together ,well done!

  8. cheekyoziechick

    Traditional will never die.. i love it. This woman is my fav designer by far. She just creates heavenly spaces.

  9. Charlotte Reich

    I love this house😍 the only thing i would change is that i would put more modern chairs into the kitchen

  10. John Rawlings Jr.

    I am totally traditional but like eclectic ie …. vintage Louis Vuitton trunk as a coffee table. An antique armoire from China. Mixed with oriental rugs, along with art from England. To me this is far from the traditional home in my mind…very staged and sterile and would never have that decorator touch my home, but to each his own!!!

  11. Bohemian's Antiques

    Yes Emily Griffin! It is time to revisit the roots of classic traditional style furnishings and rooms! No more Mid Century! Nice work. 🙂

  12. cooldesert30

    Absolutely stunning, I love all the details. Great take in traditional decor, it was refreshing to watch.

  13. Connie Williams

    More traditional please!
    Updated traditional new and old!

  14. Someone Somewhere

    Nice, there are loads of really good faux flowers now that they could use to recreate the mantle when it dies out


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