Designer Natalie Chong shares how she created a handsome, cozy bedroom for her brother-in-law on a $2000 budget. Watch the small rental space come to …

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  1. Sharfaa Kassiem Puma

    I absolutely LOVE this designer. Her previous girly spaces rock!!! Seriously incredible work.

  2. Jimba

    "If it was up to him, he'd sleep with no pillows. We agreed to six and he throws everything on the floor like everyone does." This chicks love buying extra shit for NO REASON.

  3. Chris Locke

    Looks nice but the stereotypical sexiest remarks about what you think guys lives like are uncalled for.

  4. Carmador

    Stopped at $2000. I can’t imagine what her high end makeover costs or what it consists of. The Mona Lisa?


    Mam I have an empty room with no furniture and I want a floor bedding in it there are 2 windows opposite to each other so please help me to do it

  6. J Gomes

    omg i will be getting my own apartment looks like i will be following your work, i loved the room looks fancy and it looks like a man's room at the same time. Thank uuuuu!!!!

  7. Justin Krug

    @House & Home I am a big fan of that duvet cover. Modern and simple. Could you please get me the link so I can pick one up? Thank you so much and well done.


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