See how designer Emily Griffin used beadboard panelling, antiques and a watery palette to transform a drab cottage into a stylish summer house. Emily started …

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  1. Tessa Mae

    When I opened this video, I immediately saw your "manly" ugly european face!!!! I hated it and closed the video!!!hahahaha

  2. Simply Myla K.

    Yes, those sofa pillows needed renewal for certain lol. Fantastic outcome btw!

  3. Diana B

    Why have a fireplace or a faux fireplace and then turn the chairs the other way?

  4. Jan Thousand

    OMG Emily what a gorgeous job., Wished you lived close to Tablerock Lake., Working on my lower level and trying to do it myself.,

  5. Catherine Nicole Howland

    Beautiful. The only thing I would change is color. It's a little too white for me.

  6. manic hairdo

    Oh, fabulous! But in despair having to compete with horrible music whist listening.

  7. Barbara Pyles

    My favorite room? The twin room! The entire cottage is divine! My dream home!

  8. Nanny B

    Absolutely Stunning! I would never want to live any further North than I do now, but I never considered a summer home there! Again, beautiful!

  9. Ohio Ladybug

    Beautifully done except as an avid cook, the refrigerator is too far from the stove – I guess that would also serve as the workout area lol. Also, if you do a lot of cooking/baking, you need an island. Maybe an island with dining extension? I like the cladding but I think it is overdone just like paneling was in the 70s. The decor is perfect.

  10. JJ Johnston

    I watched this video several months ago and then tried to find it again and couldn’t. After several attempts and hours of searching, I found it in a second this time around. Was looking to see how I could decorate with existing dark wood bedroom furniture piece. 💗❤️

  11. Jeanie Mooneyham Ribble

    The decorator did a great job, so airy, love the bedroom and kitchen—the watery blue tiles, love! She is also a beautiful lady, I love her hair 🙂

  12. Yo Friend

    That house is beautiful 🏡 love it and the designer made just made it look like a dream come true, this is one of the best videos i have watch about decorating, she made it look good and got furniture you can actually sit on and be confortable and not just for looks.
    I am fixing my house and i wish i could afford a designer if i did i would choose her .

  13. Nouran Mahmoud

    Genious, so beautiful and cool give calm feeling I really love ❤ it


    Cottage? What's the square footage? I guess a cottage is in the eye of the beholder.

  15. Ray D

    Loved the kitchen with the table! Your voice was very pleasant to listen to, thanks for this video!

  16. D H

    ….and why do people put textiles/rugs underneath a kitchen table,…the worst place for spills, crumbs, stains, mess…dropped food bits….but LOVE the look…beautiful!!!

  17. D H

    I think the term Cottage or Cabin, refers to one's vacation home….not the size or the conveniences, or the decor…we used to own a place on a lake….we referred to it as 'going to the cabin'…meaning, going to our vacation home….and was twice the size of the home we lived in. People laughed when we referred to it as the 'cabin' … but it was easier than saying…"we are going to that other house we own on the lake that is new and bigger than what we live in' for the weekend!

  18. Hannah Borres

    What a very nice place…very calm and fresh air from the sea 😊


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