Step inside this European-inspired kitchen by designer Emily Griffin. See how she designed the grand space around a luxurious Lacanche range, creating a …

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  1. saki maki

    I wonder how many weeks before the owners put the TV above the fireplace and the 'art' below the kitchen counter.

  2. rockshot100

    My TV is almost on the floor, and we honestly think it is more comfortable. Since I thought like you, and didn't stray from the norm, I put an arm on it to go up over counter height. You know that I actually have never bothered to lift it? I like the low position better and so does everybody else.
    I got an "arm" from amazon for 20.00, so it can easily be raised and twisted to watch from the kitchen.

    Visitors insist that I not raise the TV, even though it is one simple one handed motion to move it. They make me move it back to low!

    I imagine that a hyper dog would get in the way, but our doggie seems to like it better low as well, so do the kids. Could be that it is more comfortable on the neck? Plus I am not the only one who watches laying on the couch.
    Does matter sitting. standing, or laying, for some reason we like it. And I do not know why! Just because this is not the usual doesn't make it 'WRONG',
    Somebody also mentioned spills, but the led TV's are not ruined like the old tube TV's of yesteryear from liquid. So not an argument.

    My suggestion is just to try it yourself; I think you and everybody else will be surprised.
    She is very clever.

    On to critical:
    Again, that hood is too obtrusive, heavy, and gaudy, imo, it is after all, just an exhaust fan. She did that to showcase that stove.
    Maybe just an 18" D. pipe? One brass band only! Could she have gone to the ceiling with the cabinets or is there ductwork there?
    Also, a mobile-like hanging light fixture above the coffee table would have helped define that sitting area better as living room, and compliment the bay. The two above the island are not bad, but the money spent on that hood should have gone to beautiful original light fixtures, in fact, a third hanging light above the coffee table (within the same line as the other two), similar to the ones above the island but more ornate/eye-catching would be great! Something that is extremely oversized, and "loose" would pull the focus to that bay – the best part of the room. Black and brass???
    The pantries, on the other side of the kitchen work area, probably is not a problem, but I like how they give that long wall some dimension and visually "break it up" that LONG vertical plane. and frame that banquette.
    The painting above the fire place is wonderful! But somehow a watercolor above the fireplace bothers me. Maybe the light translucent quality of the water color contrasts too much against the fireplace? I might switch out the one in the banquette (oil?), or lots of clear or frosted glass on the mantel would work better as a transition?
    Mushroom colored silk sheers (color of the cabinets) floor to ceiling sheers above the couch, WOW!!!, but what's money?

    A pull-out shelf in that bar would be nice, but I am being petty!
    Love this designer's studio all-in-all. Her concepts, palette, aesthetic, just a real educated and experienced, talented designer. Love how she is direct in narration and never tells us this or that is "beautiful", like most do. A true professional! She put lots function into this room, but it doesn't look like it. Wish I could afford her.

  3. richiesd1

    I don’t understand North Americans with their enormous cook ranges, even though this is a French one.

  4. citruscider

    can house and home do worst home designs of 2019? this should be one of them!


    Lovely kitchen!!💕👍🏾I love all the details that make such a huge impact!! The placement of the TV is the only awkward thing in this space. I can’t imagine being comfortable watching it so low to the floor🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. matt I.

    She doesn't like TV's over fireplaces? I don't like the TV in the island, very different but It's not eye level and it seems like u have to look down, however the living room and kitchen is very nice.

  7. Jil Lake

    Love the blue cabinets. The home owners obviously don’t have small children or grandchildren because that TV location would be a huge issue.

  8. Justina LaSalle

    The stove is beautiful and the kitchen layout is great. The fronts of the cabinetry were lovely, but I found the blue cabinet colors fought with the black stove and hood vent. Most designers don't pair blue and black focal points because they conflict with each other for attention. I think the black stove and hood vent would pair better with dark green, charcoal grey, white, cream or light grey cabinetry as opposed to any color of blue cabinetry. I really liked the use of space with the two large cabinet pantries/bar/etc framing the dining table. The floors, countertops, kitchen art between the uppers and lowers and subway tiles with contrasting grout rocked!!

  9. oltedders

    Great place for the television. Losers have the TV as the centerpiece of any but a media room. Cabinets could have been a lot bluer and less gray. A strong pattern natural wood floor would have been nicer but probably would kill the slick look. Pretty damn nice!

  10. Ayesha Feroz

    Design aesthetic was very appealing. I love the colours and simplicity but hate the tv position and also felt like kitchen was bit too grand and living area is smaller with not much space to sit around. I is not kid friendly at all

  11. Mona Lisa

    Very clean details, love the colour combination and 100% agree on hating the TV to be a focal point in any room, and no no TV in the bedrooms

  12. Faith Nelson

    eh, i don't need a tv at all. love the artwork and the whole space. does not feel kitcheny. kind of nice.

  13. Roxanne Dyer

    This is fabulous; finally, a solution for entertainment and positioning art where it belongs, in a prominent place in the room. I love this design. Would hire Emily Griffin in a heartbeat. This designer understands priorities & great aesthetics.


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