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34 Responses

  1. Jane Desmond

    Really beautiful. I love your designs. Do you ever do any projects in England, where I live? However, we have to wait until I win the lottery! I try to remember the way you do things and adapt them for my house. You have such good style.

  2. FolkUsTV

    Grayson did an excellent job but he didn't sign his masterpiece beautiful and elegant as usual

  3. Mary Pastore

    Absolutely stunning. But I keep thinking all the mirrors, glass and light fixtures would be so much work to keep clean

  4. olga Просто

    Would like to find the starburst mirror! Can’t find it anywhere . Help !

  5. Lucy Braun

    You made the entire house way too dark inside. It's like walking in a cave. Creepy.

  6. Angel Bulldog

    I realize this video is almost 8 years old, but as you were showing us the bathroom, I had an idea. Since that beautiful vanity has legs and we can see under it, why not have little under-cabinet lights, like what you would put in your kitchen? Then when you go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, you don't have bright light in your eyes. I can't go back to sleep after that. Just a crazy thought. Beautiful job!

  7. Donna Brown

    Absolutely beautiful and I might say your client must have unlimited funds, this is beautiful !

  8. Peter N

    Lisa, what a masterpiece. I'm happy this was done 5 years ago and not today. Today they would blown out the wall between the kitchen and dining room and ruined the whole house. Lisa, if I ever come into money you will be my second call.

  9. Preeti Gupta

    You have an eye to transform even the most simplest of places into sophisticated masterpiece , Mrs Robson. No wonder Mrs Client was teary eyed, any one would be, when they see their dreams come to life. You are extraordinary.

  10. Marcia Senapathy

    This home is exquisite. A masterful job Ms. Robeson!! The coffered ceiling in the entryway, the new fireplace and tv above it. Just stunning. Plus I want that chandelier!

  11. marlene fanucchi

    your so talented. great thought was put into this and everyone one helping you. bravo.when i get rich instead of good looking ill look you up.

  12. Andrea Combs

    Oh Rebecca, this is absolutely stunning! Girl, you're amazing! In love with that chandelier! Trying to find info, can you help a girl out!
    Your inspiration is addicting!

  13. R J

    Once again, amazing design job, Rebecca. But Savorsky? seriously? It is Swarowsky. A completely different meaning in Russian

  14. Catherine Mcneese

    Spectacular!!! Yes, I agree with the comment below re: how much more beautiful your home can be by using a designer (Rebecca esp.) for new, flattering & lovely looking home decor…

  15. Marsha Forsberg

    Even the doorways are amazing! WOW! I knew she’d cry! It’s not the same house! Not even close! WOW!💕👏🏼❣️

  16. Marsha Forsberg

    That sink is the most clever! I LOVE the chandelier! Did you add different crystals? My favorite thing I’ve NEVER seen before ~ the lights on the drapes! Everything looks custom, it’s so elegant! Thanks for sharing your talents! Everything sparkles & reflects! WOW! I’ll bet the wife cried when she saw everything!

  17. S K

    Love you Rebecca and love your work. There's not even one thing in this house reveal which I did not like, love actually. You are simply awesome


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