Hope you guys LOVE our bedroom as much as we do! Thanks for always watching and subscribing to my channel, love you all!!! Thanks to Leesa Mattress for …

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  1. Nanna Lotus Dalsgaard

    I really do love how you styled your bedroom – but I do not understand why you have not added a set of doors for your PAX wardrobe? They come in so many different colours and they would calm down the bedroom as I can tell that you do have a lot of coloured clothing in your side of the closet which does not go with the rest of the bedroom

  2. Wanda Keeter

    this is my first video I've watched of yours… love your room but… your dog is awesome… a goldendoodle??? they are the best breed.

  3. MZWATSON804

    Did you repurpose the bedroom mirrors? That’s my vote, ten years later 😂😂😂

  4. Days with Danae

    I love all the pillows! Such a great a budget friendly way to dress up the bed! Thanks for the tip! I also like the idea of putting mirrors behind the lamps! It makes the room feel more romantic. Keep the mirrors up for sure!!!

  5. Wendy G

    I have been watching Sharrah and her mom's YouTube video's for the past several months and I must say they are THE best decorator's with the best personalities I have ever seen! I rarely have time to watch TV but when I do my favorite thing to do is watch Robeson Design AND Sharrah's You Tube designs. You are the best designer's and I LOVE it when Scout is in the video's and the fact that you allow her to be on the couch and bed as part of your family. Love the bedroom decor and you inspired me that a white comforter and pillows will work even when you have pets on the bed. Sharrah you are a beautiful lady with an amazing personality. You shine for the whole world to see. I am definitely one of your newest fans! I watch your shows on Roku and subcribed today to your You Tube videos. I am so excited about having access to more videos to your shows and your mom's (and Scout too!) through You Tube. Thank you for sharing your God given talents with the us and your beautiful family….that includes Scout :).

  6. Déborah

    If you do not want your mirrors I take them! I love them! they are super cool where they are!

  7. Rose RED

    I would remove the mirrors to de clutter the walls. I'm learning so much about being a minimalist in my own home and makes things easier for cleaning.

  8. Emily Espinoza

    Can you show more of how the bed was set up. I'm moving into my new apartment and I can't afford an expensive bed and I found a really beautiful king size head board but Idk how to do the frame.

  9. Azra Hoosen

    I'll definitely be using these tips… Love the high curtains and lampshades 🙂

  10. Cadmar Business Suite

    Definitely keep the mirrors on each side of the bed. Love what you have done with your room.


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