On http://houseandhome.com/tv, a kitchen with an awkward peninsula counter is reimagined by designer Ingrid Oomen as an open area that’s inviting to cook …

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  1. Pakamas Namboonleang

    I like this kitchen good design. My family love to cooking too.

  2. SaltLifeVegan

    Thanks for posting this video – it was a very helpful example for me while renovating my kitchen.  I used your idea of the shelves above the sink instead of a cabinet and it looks great :)

  3. caglacaglacagla

    all of the new kitchen designs have the same white tile. it looks pretty and i like it but it started to be boring…

  4. ichoose2bhappy

    Where is the color? Please use a client who like color in a video.

  5. Xidcat

    wow! what a transformation!  i love the brick that you left exposed by the sink : )  it ties in really well.
    arf arf… hello doggie doggie!


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