A traditional family home is brought into the 21st century by designers Ashley Tracey and Laura McLellan of The Design Co. See how they transformed the dated …

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  1. Michelle Ocon

    Is there anyone here know the KEN WHITE INTERIOR DESIGN AND DECORATION COMPANY? I want to know if that company is legit or scammer because he offered me a job but asking me a money. Please reply Thank you

  2. Lorraine Wise

    Everyone complaining about it being too white need to remember who they client is. Is it your house? No, okay. So your preferences are subjective and not the law. 😀

    All white isn't for me either, but as long as the designers nailed the brief and the client is happy – it's a job well done. I can appreciate that.


    Beautiful. Whether modern contemporary or farmhouse, WHITE works . White works in large or small spaces with pops of color. Contemp/mod not my preference, but these spaces are Stunning.

  4. Beautifully African

    White is definitely luxurious, but so much becomes monotone, admittedly it does open up the space. I would've loved for the kitchen to be more balanced with touches of colour here and there. Just my opinion though. Also, i'm not keen on the lamps in front of the art piece in the dining room. It makes it look like the art piece was adding solely for aesthetic purposes only which defeats the whole purpose of it. There are some who like art and would've like to observe it

  5. Igaluit

    From one extreme to another. No mirrors at the end of entrance halls. So typical, destroying the borders between eating area and living room.

  6. Rochelle Santos

    Another ridiculous kitchen. That marble on the island is totally unusable, it will look terrible if it ever gets wet. Most interior decorators should get sued for malpractice for the kitchens they design.

  7. lynnae gink

    I'm so glad that they were so complimentary if the previous decorator of the home, because the old darker look was very much in style 15 to 20 years ago.

  8. Nostalgia For Infinity

    I can't stand contemporary style. It feels so sterile and lifeless. It reminds me of the houses in The Clockwork Orange, and not in a good way.

  9. Marques Rubi

    I wish they would have used a softer white of warmer tones and paired with a neutral color palette; it would have made the wainscoting pop. The shade of white they chose to use feels clinical and cold.

  10. Richard Kennedy

    I bet they'll go back to classic. This modern shit gets old fast.

  11. Candis Carnegie

    Psychotic people must've lived in this home. IDK how the current homeowners could see any potential. Everything was so dark and closed off. The designers did a great job! Altho, I am not a fan of the lamps in the dinning room covering up the painting on the wall and touching the painting. It's weird.

  12. skaterboy3718

    There is the console or table with a painting and two lamps which is disturbing because the painting is too big so the two lamps done symetrically cover the art. I also think the office doesn't quite work witht he white; it was well integrated. The integrated kitchen and living/family room was very nice. I am not sure I liked the white chairs or stool – foudn them a bit stark. The light over the island does work – almost a mid century modern inspired Sputnik relative. the place does look a lot brighter; but that office to me was not a winner.

  13. Maggie XD

    I mean I'd love for my house to be mostly white but cleaning it would be a nightmare

  14. Doosha777

    I'm just in love. You did an amazing work. I love all white houses, looks so much bigger, cleaner and brighter.

  15. exas4791

    I clicked on the URL provided above, but I can’t find sources of the furniture.

  16. Jess jms

    I love that I love having a neutral canvas of a house like that and then you can literally change the artwork and colour scheme of accessories as you get bored. For example you could change the greens to pinks. Love the way it all flows together very pleasing. Love the huge kitchen island. Everything is to scale properly.


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