Hey Family , Have you been a victim of any of these mistakes?? If you have, hopefully now you have an idea on how to fix them and make your home look more …

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  1. InteriorMaata

    Now we have a schedule 😁 New video on every Tuesday 6 pm and bonus videos on Saturday 6pm. ✅✅✅

  2. colours of life

    Very nice makeover di. I'm shifting to a new flat nd I have purchased cusion covers nd curtains of golden colour for my living room.
    Which colour of deewan bedsheet I should buy? Please reply

  3. Creative Adda// //

    Hi Ananya,
    Your videos are very motivated to be a youtuber thanks to motivate me to show my creativity on you tube .i am a beginner in you tube n i learnt a lot from you ..
    Thanks for every thing

  4. manjusha patnaik

    Yohr tips are so good will make sure to apply some where on my home when ever i will get hold on this house as my mother in law don't give permission to change anything nd don't allow me to hold house responsibilities. It makes me very sad also

  5. Pratik Ranjitsinh

    Very nice. Mera purana ghar fir se banane he to vastu ke hisab se kese banaye bataye?

  6. Mohua Modak

    অনন্যা তুমি যদি হোম ক্লিনিং নিয়ে একটা ব্লগ করো আমার তো খুবি উপকার হয় আমি তোমাকে এটা retuest করবো বলে অনেক দিন ধরে চাইছিলাম বিশেষত ঘরের দেওআল গুলো কি করে ধুলো পরিষ্কার করবো আমি recent Asian paints (Royal) করিয়েছি কিন্তু wall a dust ধরে যাচ্ছে কি করবো বুঝতে পারছি না প্লিস হেল্প করবে একটু ?

  7. Anju Rani

    Mam jo interior me jo jali use hoti h uske bare me btaye aur konsi best hoti h

  8. Subhadipta Chatterjee

    Yes … Cleaning and maintenance will be a good video. Do mention methods for dust free and air purified rooms much needed this days… Keep up the good work mam

  9. Mallica Man

    Good to know that you are a bong. Why don't you make your vlog in bangla..it will be more interesting.

  10. Mallica Man

    I like your vlog because it's very useful. Am recently shifted to my new home. Building this home was a dream to me which has come true. Please give a detailed instructions on curtains . I'm confused

  11. divya bhargava

    Hi,what kind of minimal furniture one should go for in living room sply.as my rented flat's living room is very small n after keeping diwan,tv unit n sofa der is hardly any space to walk around.so can u do a video on furniture for small rooms??thanks

  12. Asad One

    Love ananya you are great tusi great ho cleaning method share kijiye

  13. Sahba.Qudsiya Qudsiya

    You r looks a like my sister in law she is also very pretty 😍😍😍😍

  14. Stuti Nayak

    Hey ananya
    You are amazing ❣️
    Could please make a video on DIY canopy for bed
    Or something romantic decoration for bedroom
    Please please please 😘

  15. Sukanya Adhikary

    Tomar vedio always valo lage amar. Infact amr tomar katha bolar style r tomak ei khub valo lage…r tmr tips gulo toh asadharan…!!!

  16. nityam raj

    Plzz home decore plant per ek video plzz….🌴🌱🌲🌳

  17. agpt2000

    Would love to see a video on Marie Kondo method. I have been following it for quite sometime since last 3 months. And it has helped me immensely. Although still there are few places left to be done following that method. But my wardrobe and my desk looks good now.

  18. Priyasha Chakraborty

    in my bedroom i have short height windows will it look good with long heinght curtains……plz ans

  19. Poonam Patwa

    Hi di sea green and of white room wall k sath curtain kon sa colour choose karu or agar wall paper use karu to kon sa colour karu .

  20. Priti Shah

    Helpful video 👍
    We would like to watch the video about decluttering

  21. karandeep kaur

    Hi.. I really like your videos.. recently I am designing my new home.. I want to ask about open kitchen.. is it in trend or not..

  22. Divya M

    Please add subtitles. I'm just understanding it with the English words you were using here and there. I love all ur videos. Requesting u to add subtitles


    Please make a video on kitchen makeover and organizations…


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