Decor and DIY blogger Kim Power shares a look inside her cottage-inspired home. Get her tips on how to live with white decor, plus thrifty DIY ideas that add …

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26 Responses

  1. Jennifer Prevost

    Beautiful, yes. But I find it boring… no art? That's a sin, in my humble opinion. Nice, but I love colour and contrast.

  2. farolitodepapel

    I dislike white walls and I hate covers and I still love what you did to your place. Amazing!

  3. Val Uttravorarat

    I would love to go in her place one day and paint her walls dark chacoal, black or deep navy. Curious to see how's that gonna turn out. LoL just kidding

  4. Candis C

    that is definitely a lot of white! her house is on trend. definitely giving that coastal feel. I have NEVER met a slip cover that was easy to take on and off of furniture unless it was a sheet. I would've never guessed this was a two-story house. I really like her oval coffee table. the one thing I must say. I was surprised that she's married bc this looks like the home of a single woman. I cannot imagine a man living in all of this white. her home looks showroom quality. it's really beautiful…I just know I couldn't handle all of that crisp white on the walls and the furniture.

  5. Bea M

    I love your style and confidence. It's beautiful! I'm saving this video for future home decor reference 💙.

  6. Wendy Ching

    I find I relax more in a white enviroment as well. It also is who I am. I prefer texture to block colour. Though my home has a few splashes of multi colours in accessories.
    I love your home, its beautiful.

  7. ovrjoyd4u2

    I absolutely love cottage style.  It is liveable, casual, and comfy.  No pretense, you can just relax and be at peace.  Well done!

  8. Sharon Riome

    Absolutely love your choices!! Thanks for sharing. I will use some of your ideas!!

  9. joyce Hamilton

    Greetings from Scotland! 🙌 A very fresh crisp look, I love it!

  10. Lorna McDougall

    Looks so good Kim!! Love it! And the television debut of Butters! So when can we order your pillows?

  11. Lorna Duncan

    I love this home because of how CLEAN everything looks, my kind of place.

  12. Xscape

    I love how bright it is. Our house seems so dark, this video shows you can really light it up.

  13. James Cyrus

    I love it! everything is white and "airy"
    even the homeowner is white!
    nice! =D

  14. Jennifer Shawley

    I love how you can always spot a pile of House & Home magazines in these videos. lol. …slick.


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