Designer Sarah Keenleyside of Qanuk Interiors makes the most of an outdated galley kitchen. Learn how tricks like removing upper cabinets and adding open …

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  1. thefamilymixx

    these cabinets are to die for. we just moved into a new home and the builder grade cabinets just arent cutting it. I'm obsess with that blue /grey color. can you tell me the details of the paint please? I enjoy the aesthetics of the shelving however I'm not sure it functions as well. Anyway, great job. new subscriber here.

  2. tanquantwal

    I love the rotary phone..Oh yeah and the kitchen is nice too except for the open shelving.

  3. Happybidr

    Such a Canadian accent. Is that where this is from? I've OD'd on that after HGTV. They're so cheap they prefer buying cheaper shows from Canada than doing their own.

  4. araiphylmaria

    splendid ….stylish..neat n comfy to cook in…to see from the windows light ..all its colors blended wonderfully….thank u from asia japan

  5. Green Willow

    Beautiful kitchen! Really well designed and laid out! Loved the grey stone floor. Baked goods are always a welcome thing.:)

  6. Maria Macanufo

    love. love it i adore the withe so much. is modern and the light is gorgeous it was too dark before well done😍 even Luke bigger❤


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