Time for a challenge! H&H’s Joel Bray and Reiko Caron bring high style to a tiny, sterile space – a university dorm room at Ryerson University in Toronto.

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  1. Enthia Poon

    I lived in Pitman Hall and I wish I had been this good at decorating it, the end result looks amazing!!

  2. Miranda Sherrell

    My single will be about this size. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  3. Kate Li

    Why didn't they move the bed to the other side? Then you'd also get to face/ look at the nice decorated cabinets.

  4. Kate Li

    To have a single means (the college kid either has high standards even if poor or has rich parent ms who spoiled him or her) paying almost double.. and sometimes it's cheaper to get larger apartments nearby the school than dorm, imo.. better for your credit than paying dorm..

  5. Ash Nizer

    My dorm room is having that ugly orange wooden furniture , this one is much way better than mine .

  6. Daniel Jones

    I've been trying the closet curtain idea, but it falls down every night. Suggestions?

  7. meowlody

    When you're a broke college student, you can't really afford to buy so much fancy stuff for your dorm

  8. Joanne Ryu

    How did they put on the rod for the closet? Need to know for my future dorm!

  9. mslatinamom

    What happened to the dresser? I would think they need it to store clothes as well along side with the closet.

  10. Mildred Goclan

    I would have placed the desk under the shelves and moved the bed over to where the desk was. Otherwise nice makeover.

  11. Gerardo Salas

    This is staged. No dust? Where's all the clutter? In real life you can't just throw away a drawer thingy. You need to relocate the items contained in it. You're promoting a fantasy.


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