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21 Responses

  1. Linda M. Dyer

    You have good taste in music, too. Makes watching more enjoyable.

  2. Luke Thomas

    I remember this client from the video where she was downsizing. Genuine gratitude is so satisfying. I love the red grasscloth and bed spread.

  3. Rose Bird Cottage

    Love you Rose! Condolences for you and your family! Guest room gorgeous. Rose is Happy!

  4. Erin Henkels

    Love the Rose videos! So glad she has such a special place in your heart.

  5. ritajandj

    Just broke my heart with joy for her. She kisses him……what a love…

  6. deepa sajeevan

    the eeaction was so sweet….love the placement of windows beside the bed

  7. Erika Martínez

    I love your work!! I have a question. my sofas are red love color. what color I paint the living room wall? please help me

  8. Geni Manning Real Estate & Home Staging

    I love this idea…great job!  Her sons will love it!!

  9. Shadowhunters Updates

    Hi, I really like your videos. Do you have any for Decorating Single average sized room with closet for a 20 year old girl. I have many clothes and shoes and bags. and would also like a study.

  10. Tyresha Lattimore

    Omg I just subscribed to your channel and I have been watching it ALLL day!! It is so amazing how you change someone's life by adding your beautiful touch to their homes. It would be a dream to hire you as my designer for our 1st home my boyfriend and I are purchasing this October. You are a gift from God when it comes to home decor!!! You rock!!

  11. shygirlnow2011

    This was gorgeous! I have been searching for this vid for so long! I would love it. I'm not a guy but she's right its five star!

  12. Karen

    That was awesome! I love all the little touches that I would have never thought of such as the old film reels!

  13. Steve Rickard

    Rebecca, I am so glad I saw this! I have a painting that I really love but it is in portrait style and I wanted it over the bed, but Ever since I saw your video on where to place paintings i worried it was not right. I love that you used portrait here!


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