On http://houseandhome.com/tv, building pro Ramsin Khachi gives advice on how to design a small kitchen (hint: buy your appliances first!). Find out his …

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16 Responses

  1. Katherine Canon

    its reall nice mine similar way is but when walk in wall also there but i do like hidden appliances keep counters from cluttering up.

  2. Ankita Arora

    I think this is one of the best I've seen on house & home! Fantastic job!

  3. RobertosLife

    What cabinets are used here. I got a far as finding out they are from ikea but that is it

  4. Xidcat

    i particularly like the continuity of the countertop to the backsplash, nice idea! : )

  5. Widya Madrin

    Very nice kitchen! Clean, neat, and elegant. I love the combination of colors throughout the room :)


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