A lot of you have said that you want to make your home look beautiful, but have no idea where to start. Well before you can do anything you should first identify …

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  1. iliana m

    none of the above..! Something with bold colors but not bohemian…? But anyways, haha! 😀 ..

  2. Heidi White

    Hmmm i am super confused, i think i am a mix of boho and famhouse but i gravitate towards blues and greys over warm tones 🤔

  3. amelia syfy

    traditional mid century bohemian with a dash of 80s vibe is my style lol

  4. Life with Mandy

    I just absolutely love you! You are friendly, professional and have great content! My design style is either contemporary or farmhouse.

  5. Susan D

    Newbie here! Love the video. More styles please! Glam, Victorian, Hollywood, ECLECTIC!

  6. Wendling K

    This helps! Now I know I have a contemporary style. I also appreciate some traditional elements like floral and gold

  7. Lexie Ferrer

    You say a lot of things! Why dont you just go straight to the point??? You say a lot of things that doesnt make any sense

  8. Heather McMullin

    I'm more confused now than before watching. I have no idea what I am.

  9. Claudia cooper

    Thinking bohemian but I’m more conservative with color and pattern than many examples I’ve seen. Don

  10. Rebecca Weyen

    This was very helpful. Thank you so much. I'm in the process of moving and now I know that the coastal style is what I keep gravitating towards


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