On http://houseandhome.com/tv, Toronto designer Cameron MacNeil shares the smallest kitchen he’s ever designed: a 64-square-foot condo kitchen that he …

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  1. scorp Ion

    how much height should be kept of a microwave if it's kept above the cooktop

  2. Very Good Boy

    the backsplash is nice but whoever installed it did a terrible job. looks so sloppy, lines are not clean or aligned.

  3. Harley Montgomery

    Something I've seen on house and home before is using an old fireplace mantle to make a bench for a table this bench really reminds me of that one, I think if youre remodeling an older home its a great way to save money.

  4. sojournerhouse

    What can you do if you have to keep white appliances and stove is not slide in? Mine are similar to ones you removed. A fireplace with black glass, travertine and wood stacked mantle with dental molding?

  5. Candis C

    I like Cameron MacNeil's design style. If he had his own channel on YouTube I would subscribe. I do have to question why contractors use the builder's basic materials when designing. It always looks cheap and has zero function.

  6. Elton Bade

    Hi! I want to build my own ktchen just like this but I have no idea where to buy these things. Can someone help me please

  7. DJ Doyle

    Looks great… But that ceiling… If you were gonna scrap the popcorn off the ceiling in the kitchen it really should have been done everywhere. That harsh line where the popcorn starts and stops does not look good and the pendant lights and track draw attention right to it.

  8. hachitech

    Can you tell me where to get that pendant track I'm looking for the exact same thing in Toronto and dunno where to find if

  9. mrsjimmymare

    Yes, chairs in place of bench, and place bench against the wall. Chairs should be tucked in when not using so he still has walking space.

  10. ovrjoyd4u2

    The kitchen looks awesome.  The table is too large for the space.  It is next too impossible for anyone to sit in the right side chair (closest to kitchen)   But it photographs well.

  11. Chloe Shi

    Beautiful! Great design Cameron 🙂 This channel deserves way more view and subscribers.


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