Designer Allison Willson of Sarah Richardson Design discusses how she renovated her home for her young family. See how she preserves the 1906 Edwardian …

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  1. Rhapsody BLEU

    quite a busy and mismatched interior, with too many objects and drowsing colours! bah, i don't like it! nothing to brag about

  2. Elaine Baldy

    What a great attitude to designing and the results are lovely. She really does deserve to put her feet up and enjoy her home and family.

  3. Fredy Rojas

    I like that mix of greys, black , silver and gold ! And the mix of old and new that's what it makes this place luxurious but livable

  4. jjenn 33

    gorgeous! love the mix.
    two questions tho:
    1. what type of greenery does she have on the kitchen/dining table?? it's oversized and lovely and I want some just like it.
    2. the pic above the fireplace in the den.. can somebody please tell me where that picture is from and/or who the artist is?? it's stunning!!

  5. Ashley Miller

    i am going to try and copy this design style! i love it and my new house was built in 1903!

  6. Eddie Novak

    beautiful but I'd be scared to death to even sit down!!!  I want to feel COMFORTABLE and not worry if a book is not straight…I know they spruce it up before filming so I want to see it at 7pm when  REAL people are watching TV and eating a real meal,  Dirty dishes in the sink, etc….. Ad also LOVE the red rug room.   my favorite….

  7. Dexter Barrientos

    kitchen is the best part!.. living room is cozy but too clogged. i feel dizzy with the bathroom, but the bedroom is stunning!

  8. Rose Redd

    Stunning. Still waiting for them to ask a male designer what his Wife has to say about his designs, as they did here. "Lemme get this straight, your husband Lets you do what you do for a living in your home?"

  9. Alexandra P. Clark

    Lovely! I absolutely love the throw pillow in the nursery. Where is it from?

  10. reivenne

    Sure, it's pretty…. but that bathroom wall paint is nightmare inducing, and the upstairs den… how the hell do you comfortably watch tv in there? It's tucked away into the corner, almost as far from the couch as you could get. Not practical.

  11. danielle mangum

    I like older houses too if I could afford to renovate one I would have got one instead of New

  12. Miah Leissa

    It's downright gorgeous! I totally disagree with the last comment! Quite the opposite. Good job! 🙂 ty for sharing.


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