The Ultimate guide to decorate in SCANDINAVIAN STYLE! Discover 6 tips an ideas to get the Scandinavian look! Learn how to select the color palette, furniture, …

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  1. Jorge Rodriguez

    Hello!! Zahira, hasta ahora creía que el contemporáneo era mi estilo, pero viendo tus videos haces que cambie de opinión ❤️. Todo como siempre excelente!! Saludos. 🇵🇪

  2. queen 7

    You are not just perfect at the interior design you also could be a successful fashion designer as well, you are a stylish young lady:)

  3. Athir Hatem

    What artificial light temperature is preferable in this design? by the way, this is the second time you came up with a great video that I was thinking about!!!

  4. Elena Елена

    Dear Zahira, great as always! Perfect structured and clear messages! I am looking forward to watching such kind of a video about contemporary style.
    Thanks a lot and best wishes from Elena!

  5. Dania Aljedey

    Very interesting since I like scandanavian style alot .. thanks very much on this great effort ❤

  6. fashonista girl

    Wow Zahira, thank you so much for the great video! It is so exhaustive and useful. I would expect video for other styles as well. I would like to see a video for each room separately. Thank you again! And your style every time is perfect. I was glad to see that we have the same earrings.

  7. Marie-Christina Nguyen

    Hi Zahira! Thank you so much to share all your design ideas. They are very helpful! I watch your videos every week. I would love to see a video on how to chose the right flooring in each space of the home 😍 (wood floor, carpet or floor tile? mat or shiny floor tile? etc) Thank you Zahira, kisses from Paris 😘

  8. Canal Ideas para comparti

    Bellisimo video! Excelentes ideas y se te ve tan chic y carismática. Tu forma de expresarte convence hasta las piedras. Sigue así que eres brillante y muy profesional! 💐 🍀🌲por este lado del mundo, hoy inicia la primavera al fin🌸🌻🌹🌷cariños🤗 🇦🇷

  9. Ann B

    Wow, you are an incredible and informative teacher. I just subscribed and can't wait to see all your videos. Thank you so much.

  10. douglas yong

    I noticed architects own homes seldom reflect Scandinavian theme, wonder if there is some code such as wearing black or monochrome…great content

  11. OTaki Taki

    This is what I was waiting for yahooo thanks so much zahira this is the best congrat

  12. Neha Oza

    Its truely mesmerising ❤️
    Can you please share some specific styling tips considering Indian homes,.?
    Above all love you Zahira

  13. Raquel Isla

    Hey Zahira! You did it again.I was delighted watching this video, btw You looked totally chic 💃🏽🏆🍾💐😍

  14. Rifat Refik Atalay

    Can you explane the other interior design styles like in this video please?We trust your informations. Thank you so much.😊

  15. mustafa elemine

    I can't thank you enough you always come with useful information, and I really like the idea that building a room with us

  16. Ray

    Love your vids Zahira. As a guy I have now idea how designs work lol. I am digging this vid!

  17. dedei ridley

    Just luv your videos. So much to learn. Thank you for sharing your design ideas. 🙏🏿


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