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  1. Delaiah John

    This was so beautiful and those heels were killing me softly 😍😍😍…you were looking bomb…girl why you so pretty?!

  2. Jannett Webster

    I am so happy for you little mama. I really want the round dinning table. You look so beautiful 😍

  3. AJ's HR

    Look at all God is throwing your way! You have become am Ambassador with Ashley Furniture before our very eyes!! What an amazing event Nadia,catch your shining star!!

  4. Teedee Buntyn

    I loved all the furniture, but the wall art was my favorite. PS I love the musical

  5. J.S.S. Records

    Hi Nadia
    Ms.Shirley here….Pretty Lady you look amazingly fab…..Ashely definitely selected the right ambassador for this ….Congrats!!!!!! Very beautiful pieces ….Keep moving forward…..much love and many many blessing to come.

  6. yinka321

    You are to many thangs for me honey😫Your videos make me feel good your style is very tasteful elegant and calming I literally get lost in them☺️

  7. Joyce Hattin

    When it's your time…God opens doors so you can walk into your season!! It's always in his will..thy will be done. You look beautiful, and the furniture is divine. Thank bae, and the boys for being there to push you when you needed it..uplift and encourage when you needed that. Again God Bless you and thanks for giving us such joy!!

  8. Bertha Boulware

    Very nice! Thank you Nadia for sharing this wonderful adventure with us. You make the all the furniture look more glamorous just being in the photos. Toot toot, for Ashley Furniture. I love the new line.

  9. DesignedbyAdaeze

    Congratulations! The furniture and decor pieces are beautiful. You looked great girl! Great video 🙂

  10. Yvonne Grady

    you are so beautiful inside and out!!! you are so smart so creative, classy, professional. you do know how to dress, and I really love that dress girl! look what you have done for yourself the world your in I could not be more proud of you as if you were my own daughter. keep dreaming and most of all DOING STEPPING OUT THERE! this is how you get it done. this shows other young women they can do it to. you are fearless and bold and relentless i love you and pray for you often keep up the great work you make me proud to be WOMEN! Bye Vonn

  11. Andrea Hinds

    AMAZING!!!! There are 2 bedroom set pieces I have my eye on!!! Hmmm.

  12. Keisha Bridgeman

    Thank you for sharing. That was beautiful! I also love the farmhouse style, it lasts the test of time.

  13. Chrissy Pacheco

    I love when people enjoy the city I'm from. Glad you enjoyed NY and many more blessings to you.

  14. Valarie Mendonca

    Congrats on your accomplishments and you look stunning 💞 💞💞 💞💞 💞

  15. Felicia Smith

    It appears that you had an AMAZING time being able to experience this event. Thanks for taking us along!!!! Can’t wait to see what s to come next.

  16. Dezinefun With Michelle

    Congrats Sis! So awesome to work with Ashley furniture. They have beautiful furniture. 😉💕💕

  17. Rollin' with Anita

    This was so great and I was eye shopping while watching the video…lol. I saw so many items that I liked. Congratulations Nadia, awesome collaboration and you looked 💣 girl!😊

  18. City Chic Doc

    You look beautiful. Thanks for sharing the new furniture line with us. So proud of you!


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