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36 Responses

  1. theresa nakhoul

    Wow wow wow! I just kept wanting to see more. I'm addicted to your videos

  2. thierrycharlie tuffier-mancini

    You truly are amazing Rebecca. I wouldn't mind living in that house!

  3. Nurse Mechel

    I can't decide if I love the stone in the kitchen, the kitchen chandelier or the granite in the 2nd revel the most. The home looks like it was just designed in 2016/2017. Gorgeous.

  4. Takeisha's Life

    I just love the way your mind thinks and how you do these amazing transformations. I promise when I win the lotto and buy my mom a house I'm flying you to Florida so you can put your stamp on it

  5. Rose R

    I've Watched a lot of videos and, All seemed to be catered to the very wealthy rich 😬🤔 not relatable to me!!!

  6. Pamela Love

    Hi Rebecca, I just love your designs. Absolutely Beautiful. I getting some ideas for my renovations. You are one of the Best Designer I've seen. Thank you for sharing and showing the details.

  7. Karen Thurston

    I LOVED the former railing and think the replacement looks wrong for the home. The original railing went much better with your VERY COOL branch sculpture on the ceiling!

  8. Norma Halliburton

    Reveal 2 just as impressive as reveal 1. The sofas in velvet are beautiful. The roller bar is very clever.

  9. Charissa Godwin

    Ms. Rebecca, I love your infectious spirit and your passion for life! You are an inspiration and it gives me hope that my first home can be a wonderful place to live!!!

  10. Tracy Cai

    Screw this place there are too many damn rocks all over the place, how am i supposed to walk around?

  11. Yasmine Grant

    Seasons greetings. I am just discovering your outstanding videos and wonderful designs. So much detail and every piece has a home. So very inspirational. Thank you Rebecca Robeson, you are truly amazing.


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