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  1. rneustel

    I would move into this house in a heartbeat and not change a thing!

  2. Ross Dvgracia

    Amazing interior! I just can not say anything because your design is absolutely grand! Very inspiring.


    AMAZING, i have nothing else to say but AMAZING !!!!

  4. LoveFromLeahXOXO

    I'm not a huge fan of how little space there is in the living room. But I live what you used, and your idea for it

  5. nang ly

    omy goodness you are my idol. I'm so inspired to do my new home. thanks for all those beautiful videos. oh by the way I got so much compliment on my Christmas decorations using your video you tube chanel.

  6. pink orchid

    I love love your channel. this video is my favorite one I watched like 10 times.

  7. Davin S22

    The entrance hall in this house is my favorite of the ones you have done. It is so cool with the mosaic and the chandelier. It is excellent

  8. Alex The Warrior

    I hope you can make something work I'm not trying to be mean or any thing

  9. Alex The Warrior

    My room never feels good when I walk in it feels boring and plain

  10. Nechama Druin

    Brilliant!! It's amazing how you have a vision and it turns out exactly! Just beautiful

  11. Ana Ermida

    Hi Rebecca! Love your work and your vivacious personality. May I just ask why is the dinning table placed in parallel to the window and not perpendicularly as there seems to be depth to the dinning room? Thank you. Love from Portugal (where I'm from) & Ireland (where I live).

  12. Tyara Citra

    It's so beautiful! the living and dining room are so christmas vibe

  13. Karrie Strickland

    You know Rebecca, out of all the jobs I've seen on your youtube channel I took notice not ONE was done the same! Am quite impressed at your taste in the trinkes. Each home is warm and inviting and quite tasteful. You my dear are talented. And may I add you have a great sense of humor. Keep up the wonderful work…. I'll be watching.


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