Some of my team recently added a Parade of Homes in The Grove, located in Arrington, Tennessee. It was phenomenal, to say the least! Now, while most of us …

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  1. Mary C

    So many beautiful ideas! Are these model homes in a development or are they private homes open to the public, just like the one you did last Christmas ?

  2. Kaz Hanlon

    Gosh they were all beautiful and I gave me a lot of ideas. Thanks SO much for sharing. Can’t wait till you bring out your Christmas videos 🙂

  3. Cherie Sinor

    I didn't see the link for the peel and stick tiles on my feed. Amazing homes, especially the last one.💗

  4. Tammie Currie

    Love this, especially the last home, my goodness! I have plans to do the peel and stick subway tile in my kitchen (until I can afford to get the real thing) I think it will give me the pop I need, thanks for sharing Jennifer!

  5. Katherine Cornette

    I appreciate how you make simple, practical ideas beautiful.

    So we are redoing our Master Bedroom and my husband wants to add recessed lights. How many would you suggest ? We also currently have a ceiling fan with a light in the center. I like having the fan for wam summer evenings but if we have recessed lights, do we need it?

  6. Leslie from Morning Mist Gardens

    Loved this! I loved the last house…. it had the pomp and circumstance of royalty yet still kept the southern inviting charm of a home in the country! Would love a video on those shadow boxes and how you would decorate them for seasons or holidays! Thanks for the tour, loved it!

  7. Shamrock Girl

    Love home tours — garden tours. Saw a multitude of ideas. Haven't seen a rain chain for a while.

  8. Pasesi Interiors

    This video does a great job of simplifying the idea of interior design.

  9. kajlove1

    Thanks for sharing, Parade of Homes is one of my most absolute favorite things!!!! I believe that when I was young and single living in N VA I went to a tour but I didn't know what it was then. There seemed to be many people and the decor was amazing even for the late 80"s I remember lavender carpet on one floor and yellow on another. It was the height of style at the time! Oh I'm gonna check out the peel and stick!

  10. kajlove1

    My best friend and I have been doing the tour for years now in Richmond VA area. We also take a group of young girls with our daughters or another friend or two from our church at least once during the season. We try to go every weekend if we can! We always get awesome ideas when we go! That infinity pool with the chairs in the pool is FABULOUS!!!!

  11. Alison McKenzie

    Wow what beautiful homes and thanks for sharing Jennifer. The last house was stunning loved the outside areas too. X

  12. P Boyd

    Wow love the tours. Wish more product and décor would have the link provided. Thank you for your content its sooo good.


    Thanks Jennifer for such a wonderful idea . Jennifer could you tell me which side of a bed direction is best for sleeping?
    North,South or East,West

  14. Laura Jeffcoat

    Oh my goodness so many possibilities. Thank you so much for sharing the home tours. 💞💕💓 Absolutely loved the painted walls and the swan with the cat tails in the nursery. Fire and water and the height in some of the rooms was crazy beautiful. Oh yes and your Molly bloopers were adorable. That baby loves you so much ❤️💕💞💕🤗

  15. Parrish lake

    The homes were stunning, but the highlight for me is the pups!! How adorable they are, and Molly only has eyes for her mommy!!

  16. Lisa Beatty

    These homes were beautiful, but the last one was to die for! So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with us!


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