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  1. Mart Ramirez

    I remember the first time I found out Sharrah was your daughter! She posted a pic on IG and I had no clue she was your daughter! I had been following you both for years and it was crazy I didn’t know. You both are so beautiful inside n out! Love u both! 💜💜Awesome job on her wardrobe room n bedroom!

  2. Julia Riegel

    Sooo cool this rooms turned out! And now a few years later shara is married and has her own you Tube Channel! Love your family😍

  3. CH Interiors.88

    this is like super incredible! I mean I love how you put the mirror wall and place that curtains there so it feels like you have two curtains and it brings symmetry to it! Good good good job Rebecca<333

  4. Sabe2424Cp

    I'm a guy and I think I might doing something a tad bit different like add boy stuff but kinda have it like that. 🙂

  5. Bella Lidia

    DESIGN DOESNT HAVE TO BE LITERAL ..but u wouldnt know that u dont seem to get the concept..she's trying to create a feeling or mood with the color choices and style to resemble a model …it DOESNT HAVE TO BE CHEESEY with having a "catwalk"…I'm an artist that doesnt mean my room has paint all over the walls ..yuck if anything my room is modern/contemporary clean straight lines which represents me as a person n artist -professional, neat, balance etc..

  6. Bella Lidia

    loved the decor ideas ..have you ever had a client that is a different type of artist for example a painter, graphic designer, or animator? just curious to see what a room for someone who is constantly creating things would be like 😀

    take care, lid

  7. curlyshow

    Your daughter is so lovely. I'm glad she appreciates having a designer mom! Lucky!

  8. urbanzengirl

    You are absolutely right robesondesign. Your daughter is beautiful just like you by the way. You did a wonderful job and are such a great mother. I like how you incorporate a person into your design – that really is a very positive thing and important. Thank you for sharing.

  9. KellyOKellyComedy

    I'm super jealous of your room but not in a hater way. You are gorgeous and should have a room to match 🙂

  10. sashahawkins

    Ohhh, I sense jealousy from those two girls. 😉 Anyway, this is till one of my favorite videos from Rebecca. Amazing room!

  11. Melanie Guzman

    Don't listen to the haters. Since u added that part of being thankful for it they don't gave the right to say anything

  12. Mateja Sabolić

    Your closet is bigger than my room. Btw I like your room alot.

  13. Charis Sim Wei Li

    Wow, look at that collection of clothes and shoes!!! And, it's a really awesome room!:)

  14. Roos Piano

    Oh wow, i like the wall color soo much! What's the name? I like the light and dark furniture! And the mirrors! You are a great designer❤

  15. Robeson Design

    @rosaurariveracom , read my response to LidzLovinLilac comment. You girls sound negative in your comments. Why did you click on a video with a title "Room Tour for Teen Model Bedroom Decorating Ideas" if you were not interested in what a bedroom design for a teen model looked like? …And why would you leave a comment related to the modeling rather than the room design aimed at her lifestyle? Just curious…. RR

  16. Robeson Design

    @LidzLovinLilac , Her being a model has EVERYTHING to do with it 🙂 As a designer, I create rooms that are geared to a persons lifestyle. If she were a musician, I would design a room with guitars or whatever the need was. (watch my "Joeys room" video) In Sharrah's case, she is very involved with clothes, fashion, jewelry etc. Hence the separate wardrobe room. Beauty gurus have makeup rooms. Understanding the needs and lifestyle of the client is what Interior Design is all about. RR

  17. iMGloriaL

    When Im big, i also want to be like you! Your my inspiration Rebecca! Love you Designing.!! 🙂


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