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28 Responses

  1. ACIN05

    Love the floating shelves. And, the neon green walls are so exciting and stunning.

  2. Sneha Ravichandran

    omg whats with so many colours!!!! my head is spinning!

  3. Janae Miller Media

    Loving this interior design! Bold pops of color and it all flows!

  4. Karen L Schiermeyer

    What does he use to affix the 3D Panels to the wall that is temporary enough to take them down so he can use them at the next apartment?

  5. Mirgam

    Ley me tell you that tour hair is súper fashion.
    Your hair stylist is really good.

  6. Marjorie Miller

    How did you hang the curtain panels in the bedroom? SF

  7. Ms Lily

    The guy has good taste. I appreciate that. Not judging him, but very concerned. He has to get off drugs, they are killing him. No point in denying it. It shows and his insecurity about people noticing it is obvious. I wish him the best. So much talent would be wasted if he were not hear to share for a long time. Food for thought.

  8. sophia campos

    Wow!! fabulous Beautiful colorful is fantastic Thank you for sharing. Bronx N.Y.

  9. sueldrsyluvsutube

    Daniel is very creative. I love his use of color. Especially the chartreuse accent wall in the one bedroom Something about the dark wood nightstands and those gold base lamps against the wall looks fantastic.

  10. Shayna K

    Love Love the hanging tulips in the small vases in the bathroom!!!! Just a clever idea!! I like the way you did the living room! The colors could clash – purple orange and green but the way you laid it out is absolutely gorgeous!!! I would totally do that now. I also love the idea of the square white back wall panels it brightens the room so nicely!

  11. Vivienne Dang

    Daniel cut my hair when I lived in San Diego!!!! He is so talented! Well, both of you are beautiful and talented. I really liked the coffee table he had in his salon!


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