On http://houseandhome.com/tv, designer Olivia Botrie of Barbara Purdy Design works some magic to create her own “urban farmhouse” kitchen, complete with …

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  1. Kathleen Gustafson

    You have so many good ideas, the wall with the fridge, so much storage, no dead space in the corner

  2. Those Things

    Retro futuristic AKA retrofuturism describes a futuristic design style that was popular in the mid 20th century! Think, houses that look like softly curved spaceships. The Saarinen dining table, arguably, fits that aesthetic.

  3. ロカ

    aaah i love the design choices olivia always makes!!!
    would be nice if she had her own channel- playlist etc :)

  4. Danielle Carpenter

    Omg! I love your space I am having the exact same dilemma right now with our 1913 house!!

  5. JavaGirl

    The design is great, but I feel nervous while listening to her. Is she in a hurry,

  6. Steph Sic

    The writing on the pillow say "merde"? Did not know cussing was considered stylish. Could be offensive to people who speak french.

  7. Stephanie B

    I loved this design– thought the pillow saying "merde" was pretty funny as well!

  8. Tobias Stepinski

    "We eat 99% of the time in the kitchen…" You see that's why you should have taken down the wall! The cabinets would have been easily installed on the other side, plus more under a bar counter! But i really like the floor! Genius!

  9. NicoleMitova

    Retro futuristic I think it's exactly what you have done! Congratulations! It looks amazing!

  10. miniphe47

    It would definitely get me depressed after 2 days in that kitchen with all that gray hyrrk. Y you people want to be so trendy that you forget what ugly is. It like the Emperor's New Clothes but in deco

  11. saltnlightful

    I absolutely love your kitchen – especially the elegant design on the floor.   The neutral colours will stand the test of time.  Well done.

  12. ME-Tube Your Space!

    It looked much, much better.  Nice indeed and good that the designer decided not to tear down the walls.


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