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  1. Manju Jaishi Rana

    Hi Rebecca!!! I'm from India. Can you please tell me how can i change my living room it's so small

  2. suzvi01in

    OMG, trying to catch up with your all your vids LOL—I'm a new subscriber and I'm now addicted. So, I just need to convert all I've watched & learned so far into re-doing my home :))

    I love how you explained things…my problem is I have too many furnitures from moving every 3yrs (military) and we're now living in a smaller home (kids are almost out of the house hehehe). In any case, Thank you for your videos :))

  3. Arthur Groff

    Still tuning in every day. Makes my day. I'm in the middle of remodeling our down size.
    Love soft contemporary. Love gray, silver, and glass.

  4. Araura Meintjes

    Hello from Durban, South Africa, Rebecca! Just wanted to give you an absolutely gorgeous thumbs up! Your presentation is stunning….and I look forward to each edition…

  5. Sonali Barve

    Love your design concepts and presentation… hooked and addicted to your videos… you are the best!!!!

  6. Chantell Patrick

    i Pinned this room on Pinterest and didn't even know it was from Robeson Designs. Awesome!

  7. Artouzel

    Love how you talk us thru some of your choices and when you say "notice" the….
    Beautiful! design and decor.

  8. ccsbyevelyn

    My favorite part? The way you positioned the four chairs. Love the way you turn ordinary into extraordinary!


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