On http://houseandhome.com/tv/, Toronto photographer Jason Hudson reveals how he personalized his 613-square-foot condo with childhood mementos and …

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  1. Kay 100

    The room is tastefully decorated. I appreciate the charm of simplicity of the furniture, a good palette of colours, however there is too much bric-a-brac. Very good value for money from a practical point of view. The only thing that doesn't look impressive is a dreadful nylon floor. The carpet tiles are visibly a very low quality.

  2. simplebeautyworld

    i like this space a lot. these days so many people talk about minimalism and less is more which can get boring and repetitive. this place however has function and personality and I would be very happy to live in a place like this.

  3. Candis C

    I 100% agree with most of the other posts…too much stuff in that small space. Not sure why he crammed that cafe table in the condo. Should've just omitted that and put some bar stools up to the counter. There are a lot chairs! 5 chairs and for what??? Pull those out when u do have a party. OH!! One more thing…I thought Craigslist was where u go for a deal. A $900 sofa could've been bought in the store brand new!

  4. rneustel

    I love this space, and I don't think it's too much (at least not for me). I want the things I love to be around me. The one time I had to live in a minimalist space, I had to be treated for depression.

  5. Noelle Candice

    I liked it, though I think some stuff didn't needed to be there, cause it feels a bit much

  6. Jennifer Prevost

    So nice! Refreshing to hear the owner talk about Craig's list and other used furniture resources. I can relate to that so much more than the often portrayed super rich designers that they often feature… it's like ya, your place is gorgeous, but it should be because you have probably spent an arm and a leg! 😀

  7. Anna Maledon

    I love it, fantastic job. The diy lamp is great, and all the stuff on shelves in the kitchen are so masculine and gorgeous. I like the retro chair too, I think I like everything there, the globes are great!

  8. time4anewme

    Really great job I like the idea of using floor tiles, very practical and easy to replace. The feminine cushions on the sofa were quite ugly imo and too many globes in such a small area! Good up cycle and reuse of the little cage

  9. Nathaniel King

    Honestly there's way too many stuff and it just "cramps" the whole space. I would keep everything minimal but still stylish.

  10. Bunny Mad

    LOVE the lamp! So creative! Love the school library shelves. Those things give it a special feeling of homeliness & nostalgia but still with style. Very nice space. Not my taste, but I don't live there. =)

  11. Jason B

    can someone give me some help with my condo, its not that big and i just moved in but with my kitchen table there is no room to put it. can i send a pic and you give me an idea on what type of table and where please?

  12. Nini K

    this is the first house a see not cookycut. I see momentos from their youth and personality.


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