Designer Ali Budd shares an open living and dining room with fashion-forward finishes and statement pieces that wow. Get her expert tips on how to mix textures …

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  1. HIS Footprints OnWater

    get a dictionary. ..there are so many other words besides.…cringe

  2. rneustel

    I love the choices in this room and could see myself using this designer. I also love using different metallic finishes and something different than the same old, same old (the two coffee tables).

  3. Jackie Peavy

    well done space. Where are the coffee tables from? I so wish they'd link some of the chosen selections.


    Not at all edgy, but still a great design . I love the way the art is disp!ayed and the dining room light .

  5. Alexandra Moorshead

    A great room to work with and what was done is very nice. Love that it's practical too. I'm missing how it's edgy but that term can be subjective.

  6. thefamilymixx

    this is not my style at all. as I'm super basic rustic/ farmhouse style. with that being said these 2 rooms are stunning. I love love love the mixing of metals, the leaning artwork is my favorite thing to do in my own home. also, the dining chairs are so unique. There's nothing like a beautiful well designed home. well done! new subscriber here

  7. simplebeautyworld

    i'm gonna steal some ideas from here:) love the chairs and light fixture

  8. sleekmodernchic luxe

    Love the pillows, if you would be so kind as to let me know where they're from, I'd be so appreciative.

  9. Thisisme Olivia

    Loving the idea of 2 coffee tables! I've been looking for one big one but will have to open my mind to this new idea. It looks lovely and it's functional. Thanks!

  10. kahalaopuna1

    Love the combination of the varied layers of design and textures used; they compliment each other so well. Not a fan of the DR chandelier, yet I can see how it accentuates itself to the overall design of the room.


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