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46 Responses

  1. Gnome Queen

    My current plan is to decorate each room if my house in a different theme

  2. Go-getter Abe

    My apartment is in the Dominican Republic is coastal a good style for an apartment over there

  3. Ciera

    Thanks for the post! I grew up with Cape Cod Coastal, fell in love with British Colonial….but hard to marry the two. Finally settling on Southern Coastal. Have espresso/mahogany hand-me-down furniture…hate to chalk paint it.

  4. T Sweet

    I'd love some hints for northeastern coastal style – Massachusetts, Rhode Island area 🙂

  5. Ashley Xoxo

    Hi! I’m moving into a Florida beach home next week and this could not have been more perfect 😍 Love all your suggestions!

  6. bbughtiful

    My style is California Costal with touches of Bohemian. I wish you would do a video combing those two. I need some help.

  7. nattie911

    I love that roman numeral over sized wall clock! Where did you get it?!
    P.S. love your vids!! 🙂

  8. Maria Yount

    Omg! That lady in a bathing suit figure…I actually saw that in a beach house my family and I rented last year! Hilarious! I had the same reaction to it!

  9. gal c

    Where can i find these kind of door handle? like you have behind you.. thanks 🙂

  10. Wendy Pokato

    Does anyone know Where does the French provincial style would fit into one of videos please? 🙌🏼 🏠

  11. June Corriette

    Can you do a Victorian or Edwardian style or a combination of both worlds thanks

  12. June Corriette

    I want to decorate my father's bedroom room. The house is from the1900 however I have read that my father's style seems to be Edwardian. How do I create this style but incorporate it if he wants to sale the house

  13. BindBasini Tiwari

    Where did u buy your walk clock from…!! Could you plz share the link?

  14. Flourish M

    Wow ,so informative video ,can you make a video on tropical theme , including green and white color .
    Appreciate your response
    Love from India

  15. msholly

    Hiiiiii…luv all your videos…but please tell me where you got the oval wall clock from??

  16. Usha D Karri

    I love your content. The clock behind you is beautiful, where did you get that from?

  17. Jo T

    I'm binging Death in Paradise from BBC. The scenery is beautiful! Reminds me of Lake Michigan lakeshore lol

  18. Mariya Kagdi

    Hey Sharrah. Where is ur wall clock from??? In love with it & can't seem to find something similar in Toronto.


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