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50 Responses

  1. neveralonewithnature rainbow

    I think the very dark floor made the room look so much smaller than before

  2. Call me Sarge

    is it legal to re paint you own apartment in california or it varies on every rental policy?

  3. Flawless

    ha ha ha ha, I am rolling on my sofa with a laugh . This same thing happens to me, home decor chooses difference between me and my husband  .:)

  4. Jessica Maldonado

    Hi hun, I'm subscribed to ur channel today. Your videos are refreshing and fun. Thanks!

  5. Lana Kane

    Good God the hate in this place!  Sharrah, I get you, hon.  I see this channel as a more accessible, spin off of her mother's, Rebecca Robeson, to bring design principles to a younger, less affluent audience.  And yes, haters, her mother does at least one whole video on dramatically changing a room by painting it.  I will say though, that while I LOVE Rebecca's style, I also quite like the toned down utility of Sharrah's style as well.  BTW, Shar, I'm looking for shelving like yours, even though yours was an original.  I also dug the reclaimed wood accent wall of your first apt.  Peace.  PS – you and Tyler seem to enjoy each other and that is the secret for a long, happy marriage.

  6. Daily life Hacks

    Hi.very informative.great can check out my online store.i have alot of great decor items such as large 3d clock mirrors and other decor items etc.let me know what you think of

  7. Maria Ahmed

    oh my God you r so annoying. Ur voice is unbearable. Ur whole personality is 👎🏼

  8. C∧IN

    Not really a transformation, you just painted. Plus most landlords dont let you repaint apartments, or they charge a hefty fee

  9. weston0614

    This girl annoys the shit out of me. Stupid misleading video. 50 seconds of my life I'll never get back. The dog is cute though!

  10. iowamom lisa

    Wow where I live most landlords don't allow you to paint especially the woodwork and windows!!

  11. Becoming a Heart Mom

    Great video guys! Love that couch! I didn't know the bottom part detached and could be a bench! So neat!

  12. Blatino Star

    hey i have dark brown floor tiles just like urs but self adhesive what color should i use for my walls pls help

  13. Ahmadullah Sardar

    hahaha i think you paint your face more than your house and as i saw this video you guys after all works you did the house color and walls still looks awful 😉

  14. IMChrysalis

    Just one little issue, every rental agreement I've ever read includes one commandment: "Thou shall NOT PAINT"…

  15. Mona Charleston

    how did you get your landlord to approve the paint change?
    also why do you wear such nice clothes to paint in?

  16. H Marie

    rigghhhttt…. because we can all paint our RENTAL property…..sure my landlord will be thrilled..


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