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22 Responses

  1. Elizeth Davila

    I love you light green paint color.
    What color and brand is it? By the way I'm a big fan of yours!! xoxo

  2. Mimi Cole

    Hi Rebecca! Can you confirm if this is the now charcoal wall in Christmas videos 2016? Wondering…also because there are beiges around the room and that would confuse my eyes with coordination of the white. I do love white…

  3. Antoinette Nakia

    NEW SUBBIE! Your designs are FAB!! You have inspired me! I love your channel…

  4. Hol ly Would

    Ummmm no…. most people don't buy all new furniture and accessories to "accent" their boring white walls when the weather changes……. the burgundy couches have nothing to do with paint! And the gold glamour look would be far more attractive minus the STARK white…. FAIL

  5. 1Fom

    Don't forget to advise people to turn OFF their power before unscrewing power sockets etc… accidents at home happen too often through not taking precautions.

  6. Iveta Bridge

    This is so clever – I'm watching it over and over – and every time it just blows my mind 🤗😘

  7. Iveta Bridge

    Guess what? – just painted my hallway "Crown White Clay" – but it's turned a very pale whitish light blue-lilac-grey kinda colour lol – not ideal for a north facing hallway as keeps on giving us the chill haha, but a nice cool soft grey blue lilac wall colour that would work with such a vast colour palette I think – like blue /pinks/greys/whites/silvers/purples…..etc
    Not sure what to do – repainted one of the walls (the main one – as you go up the stairs) -Dulux Goose Down (blue grey kinda colour) – but not sure weather to leave the rest Clay White – or soften the look with a creamy white?
    I would appreciate any help – unfortunately I can't always visualise the finished look unlike Rebecca can! I admire your gift – every single one of those looks you've created is simply stunning – thank you for shearing with us – you're such a big inspiration 😘❤️️😘

  8. taz0914

    Just came across your video and you're too cute! You remind me of Karen from "Will and Grace" minus the voice. Stay thin and fresh 😜

  9. amanda love

    no one like the mirror i love love it i dont know where she get it from just love it

  10. Arabella Davis

    Love the white theme with the glam things–beautiful. Great Job Rebecca! :)


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