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  1. Cloud_liam

    Both rooms and the whole house in fact is stunning!! It's gorgeous another amazing design! Well done!🖤

  2. Headandheelshigh

    Great to see again Rebecca I so love your desings. I have learned so much from your videos!

  3. oldmarriedcouple1

    Not fare!! Leaving us hanging with I have an exciting announcement but can't tell you!!! Ok, I'll try and be patient. LOL Beautiful kitchen, dining room, living room and office. 🙂 Love, Love, Love!!

  4. Diane Johanson

    I love your desigm
    Ns. This house turned out beautiful. Love the kitchen and bathrooms.

  5. Lindsey John

    You have the most amazing gift to make every space more beautiful. I'm in awe of your talent!

  6. alfiya suroor

    Entire house is very artfully done👍🏼👌🏼
    U rock as always!!

  7. Lis Turner

    You make it all look so easy! I love the light over the table…suspect that it is ""to the trade" :-(

  8. Todd Ray

    Can't wait to hit the Lotto you're gonna be my 1st call after I stop screaming! You are Amazing

  9. Valeri McClelland

    I have watched you since I was a Freshman in high school. I am graduating this spring! You have inspired me to be more creative for many years! ☺️

  10. Gladis loaisiga

    Omg I am in love!!! I am buying my first home and i would die if my decor looked like this!!! For now I'll stick to picking out a white paint as I saw in your other videos!

  11. Bay Blonde

    The whole time I felt like a child at the circus ohing and ah-ing . Another amazing piece of work to put your name on Rebecca. Its absolutely a pleasure watching you blossom during your time on YouTube. I would love for you to get your own show on HGTV, but I like the creative freedom you have here better. Love from SF

  12. cmari604

    Hi. You are truly an inspiration and a wonderful instructor. I have learned so much just from watching most of your videos over and over again. I always pick up on something I didn't see before. I have always been drawn to interior decorator and the making of a space. I am presently decorating my new home and you have covered so many areas I question concerning the mixing of dark and light furniture. But of course, that's just one of the aspects of putting a home together. You do it masterfully! I admire all the rooms and homes that you and your team have designed. I actually study them very carefully. I actually rewind the videos alot just to look at and observe your handiwork. But besides all this you remind me of my mother. She had your talent of teaching and sharing her thoughts in such a delightful way. So I love listening to you and your voice. Although I have been watching your videos for a long time, this is my first time commenting. But I truly appreciate you and your work so I had to let you know. Many thanks to you again.

  13. Glenda West

    Your work is stunning and I am in awe of your talent and so thankful you are willing to share your projects with all of us. Thank you!!

  14. Amara Marie

    love your videos. Are you going to do the clients reacting, I know you have done that some in the past, but I think it's really cool to see how people react to their completely new home basically. I'm sure many cry because you are very talented. Interior design is so cool you truly change peoples lives, and it's amazing to be a part of something like that.

  15. Trisha Daly

    I hope the surprise is that she is coming to Europe :-)! I would love that!

  16. johnkarol95

    thats look all amazing ang stunning! i love your built-ins, always. 😊 thanks for inspiring me every video you uploaded. ❤️

  17. Mary Ann Kerr

    Love it!! Wish I could afford you and you was located in Missouri. 😀


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