During my visit to Yamaguchi Design in Iwata city, I made a house tour video of the model house they have in the company. Here is the link for official website of …

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  1. Cyber God

    hi am moving to japan in two years how much is it to build a house (traditionl house) in yen but on the cheap thax – CyberGod


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  3. Tutiyaporn Thararom

    Sorry,You use the telephone to taking video, right? What is brand? Iphone?

  4. firestonegraywolf

    Kind of hard for me to imagine there are houses in japan…like I don't think about it …just all apartments

  5. v8kiwi

    I loved your tour, you match the calmness of the design, and well Presented. Appreciated Thank-you Barno

  6. Alif Alawi

    I need the sketch of the house, and all of the info about materials and circular system (such as air, sun, water, electric, etc)

  7. I

    I once lived in a traditional Japanese style hotel. Awesome at first but feel so empty and lonely.

  8. Alia Osman

    Why do you use American background music ? This house is confusing it doesn't look like a home, it looks like an office / meeting rooms. There should be more choice of Japanese spaces such as sitting and sleeping on the floor in traditional Japanese style and other rooms with Western furniture if needed. It looks like you're Muslim but you don't show what the system is to wash in the toilet ? why did you pass the toilet quickly ? It's a very important space specially for Muslims becos they have to wash immediately in the toilet. There has to be either hand shower attachment for right hand, or a small sink and jug in the toilet ? Please show the house again slowly with floor plan. Did you say it's not possible to stand up on third floor ? Please clarify. How would a Japanese family would live in this space ? You only explained the traditional shower / bath. How about sleeping on the floor and studying and eating at floor level ?
    Please don't say 'move on' it's rude. You need to show this lovely house again.


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