Chip and Joanna Gaines Top 20 Interior Design Ideas and Tips Home Improvement Home Decor Home Renovation.

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  1. Nina Jefferson

    I wanna know if before showing the clients these listings do you check for bed bugs infested in rugs or the wood. Cause theyve evolved to jumping out of trees and boring in chairs. I know tv real estate reality shows don't 1st check for termite infestation. Why not? Homes like that need to just be burned down on very high heat. There's a parasite that can morph into any shape and many colors. It leaves a yellow tint film on the walls, ceiling, dishes, the running water, masking as cigarette smoke or grease exhaust. But its really a parasite. If you find small course hair
    like things that begin small and in a half moon shape.
    Thats this parasite also.

  2. Perle Dorient Orient

    hello Johanne i living in french i like you émission. the decoration is beautiful .good Luck. I am sorry not speak english .kisss

  3. Elizabeth Freitas

    Ciao Joanna:) mi spiace che non si veda più tua transizione in Italia la seguivo sempre ,il tuo modo semplice ,elegante è funzionale di arredare le casa a conquistato molte donne italiane. Ti abbracciano forte Dio vi benedica grandemente.

  4. Iwaiu Rates

    Prayers for all of you. We miss you as you brought joy and tranquility and humor to the world. Peace

  5. chris presley

    I'm so in love with these people they are the quintessential American family. The chemistry these two have together is phenomenal. And to think Joanna has never even had any formal training or education on design this is what you call an absolute pure gift. I love you guys take care of that new baby

  6. Darren S

    I so Love your show and how you invite us into your home like we are part of the family. I'm glad everything is working out for you and your New Edition, I really miss watching your show on Tuesday night's but family comes first.
    My dream one day is to meet you and your husband to tell you by I believe you're the Best on HGTV and I'll never forget how much you've inspired me to be a better artist.


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