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  1. Bob

    I don't understand the reason for having a pot filler on the cooktop. Lets see if I understand the logic here. The thought is that filling a large pot in the sink and carrying it over to the stove, you might spill the water. Hence the reason to install a pot filler over the stove. But …. when you are finished boiling what ever you cooked on the stove, removed the food from the pot. What to do with all that water. Easy solution, right? You dump it into the sink. Hold that thought. Initially you did not want to carry a large pot of cold water to the stove, in case you spill it. But you have no problem carrying a pot of scalding hot water back to the sink? If it is me, I jingle the pot, the hot water splashes on my hand and burns my hand. I am going to drop the pot. Solution would be to move the sink to the same countertop as the stove and next to the stove.

  2. jaspreet sandhu

    Hello Rebecca
    I m huge fan of yours. I am building a new home. So i m trying to follow you completely. I love every design of yours

  3. Ali El Hadj

    hi rebecca I am from algeria and I love your design it is soooooo beautiful lovely soraya

  4. Emi Hosaka

    You look so beautiful with a blue turquoise color. I am always enjoy watching your talented video, thanks.

  5. mrsbucky1

    I'm in a 'pickle' too! I've ordered my granite ~ Alaska White! However, I don't know what to do with the space above the 4" backsplash, which is also granite. Can you combine tile above the 4" backsplash!? I keep looking for examples of something! Someone please help! Thank you!

  6. Carmen Gomez

    Rebecca, I am currently remodeling my kitchen. What an adventure it has been even though I have a small area. I am stuck on the backsplash ! Initially decided on a hexagon (this did not work) . Second choice, thin horizontal glass. The installer was not doing a good job! Frustration ! Finally I am back at the beginning with no backsplash. You think subway tiles are the way to go? My new kitchen is all white including the walls with brush nickel oven, dishwasher etc. your help is needed and appreciated. Thank you. Any readers out there interested in proving your suggestions is welcomed too.

  7. Maria das Santos

    Rebecca Ribeson the Queen of California chic is here at last!
    My binder is full of Rebecca Robeson Designs,just one problem Rebecca is in California and I am in London/Lancashire England-SIGH!Happiness for you America.


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