Designer Orsi Panos gives a dated white melamine kitchen a fresh new look with shaker-style cabinets painted in soft grey, brass hardware and classic subway …

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  1. betsythomas2012

    this looks just as drab as the before pics! Why is this not considered utilitarian – and stark, and sterile. Why isn't there any color on this channel?? I find this channel out of reality – where is the color??

  2. Kristie Y

    Where is that gold and wood shelf from? I couldn't find the info in the description, I love it!

  3. Armstrong Chan

    Too much white in the kitchrn, it would have been much better to put on the blue wall tiles or white marble kitchen wall

  4. Janice Rafuse-Crowe

    Gorgeous kitchen. Love that the cabinets extend to the ceiling and the subway tile. I love the special touches.

  5. sweetnsalty Bars

    The kitchen is lovely however to say timeless…wasn't the previous style "timeless" ? I mean switching from white to what is basically white is kind of ironic. Switching from shiny brass to…… brass…lol Good stuff!

  6. Anika Rahman

    The previous kitchen was also white. So from one shade of white they went for another shade of white.

  7. MsSassyMT

    As someone who is vertically challenged as well, with a tall mate, I definitely appreciate that a stepping stool was incorporated into the design of this kitchen. Beautifully done.

  8. SalsJustLife

    I picked shaker for my kitchen redo as well. I love their look.

  9. Mona AL-Jilani

    my house is only one roon and small kitchen and smaller bathroom would you please tell me how to make it wide and beautiful?

  10. Jasmine Holford

    Too much WHITTEE!…..there needs to be a wider range of designers on here with different design styles because the styles all seem to be the same! White on white on white! BORING….white is the easiest to decorate/design with. C'mon, show me something I haven't seen

  11. busybee duckling

    These days…all these remodeled kitchens look the same…everywhere….it gets old.

  12. Jill E

    I don't mind the style and color. Shaker fronts and light cabinets hold their style for a long time if the materials are high quality. What doesn't make sense for me is the refrigerator placement. It looks like it was put in the middle of the pantry cabinets just for symmetry. It would make more sense to me to put it at the end closest to the table. That way it's closer to the dining and you don't have to walk around the islsnd to get ingredients to prep next to the sink. Islands used for prep are a myth. Everyone preps between the sink and stove.

  13. dorfone

    White, cold, white, stark, white, unimaginative. Wow, this is as uninviting as kitchens can get. Not a place I would want to live in or invite people over too. It is pleading for colour. It in no way reflects the gorgeous exterior of the house.

  14. Chaz Evansdale

    "Timeless Refresh" they'll come back in 10-20 years and say, "blah blah blah, so we know it needs an update." just like they did for this remodel.
    There is no "timeless" when it comes to design. Everything will go out of fashion.

  15. Gayathri Ganesh

    Why do you shoot in the dark for before pictures ? And "intelligently" use the daylight to show your transformation ? The before kitchen was also white and would have looked the same during daylight.

  16. Star Gazer

    Ooh, that pull out step stool is wonderful!…..I am not vertically challenged , but, I do have tall cabinets.


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