diycrew #hrvdiy #renovision If you are looking to sell or just update your home then this simple kitchen re-model may be what you are looking for. Episode: 2 …

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    Man I wish I had the patience to complete this sort of projects but who are we kidding right? Sometimes it’s best to let the pros handle things.

  2. JS1 JS1

    Can you please come do MY kitchen??? Or coach me through the process 1:1?!
    Your are so patient and thorough!

  3. Atticus Miller

    It killed me when he used just his back to lift that countertop

  4. Joséphine Kérézit

    What a beautiful transformation 😯🥰🤩! Plus I loved that guy, he's funny and sweet 👌🤗

  5. Mina Kobra

    Why you didn't removed up the kitchen stuffs then start to paint 😤

  6. lhateG00GLE

    This wins an award for the longest video with least results. Boring af

  7. M Chow

    Although I don't require (or know anything about) renovation work; I watched this Entire video without fast forwarding. I found your video not only Informative, but… Very Fascinating! As a girl who got here by accident; I just want to say Thank You as I learnt something. 💄 😘 🇨🇦

  8. Elizabeth Camillo

    What a fantastic video! I learnt some great tips. Thank you…

  9. Kuldip Gill

    Love your videos, but you really need to re-think the stubble chin line. Way to high buddy.

  10. David

    Not removing the tile is just lazy. Future home owners are in for a surprise the day they opt to change the back splash. OR TILE OVER TILE OVER TILE.

    Don't get me started on the vinyl. Just all around lazy.

  11. tammie carbohn

    How do you keep track of the door numbers once you start painting them?

  12. huff Halimi

    Hye,what type of paint you use?water base or oil base? Thanks 😁

  13. Mardon551

    I bought in mobile home that I am going to renovate the kitchen. But I have some hideous wallpaper up on the walls. I am buying some tin ceiling tiles to use as my back splash behind the stove. Will I need to remove that hideous wallpaper or can I use the adhesive that is recommended to be used on the tile and just attach it directly to the wall?

  14. gorgeousRON15

    Please come to Chicago 😁 our kitchen is available for your renovation Videos 1😁

  15. Nellie Barraza

    Amazing..oh my god how beautiful.You sir did a magnificent job. I wished we had someone like you, that does this kind of good job and nice price in El Paso Texas, without not getting ripped off.Wow I would like this beautiful renovation done for my small kitchen.We'll done!!!!


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