Technical specification required to design the modular kitchen. L-shaped kitchen design description for home decor.

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  1. Veerendra Narasalagi

    its good idea. i need same for y house. pls call me for further discussion. my mobile no 7760677104

  2. Shahzeb Malik

    Do you also provide practical kitchen? do you have any Idea of kitchen items a middle class family. Please list the items go into these cabinetry system keeping Indian kitchen needs and uses. I hope people like more practical workplace like kitchen then "HI-TECH" blends opening cabinet. I am sure the price is also not near affordable to middle class. keeping in mind the upper class don't cook food, they have chefs :)

  3. llwiishll

    Next time, include the sq.ft area and total cost too, and also maintenance cost.

  4. Sudhir Yadav

    what is the approximate cost of this kitchen excluding the externals (fridge, chimney and oven) . Do you server delhi?


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