Learn about different lighting options for your home in this week’s Design Weekly. Erin also updates a standard kitchen and gives you some ideas on how …

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    I liked the kitchen before. The heart of every home is the kitchen, and blue is a cold color for my taste. But then again, taste is different in very person… By the way beautiful smile.

  2. Glen Browne

    "Ambient lighting is a soft and even lighting" yip. "Suitable for every day tasks working at a computer, chatting over a coffee or food prep". Um whatever. Ambient light is fine for drinking coffee or working at a computer as you're not needing light focussed in on a particular spot. But ambient lighting for food prep? Yeah right, that just downright dangerous. Imagine trying to cut vegetables under an LED strip light used for ambient background light. Food prep is task lighting if ever you needed it. The light needs to focus is on particular areas to complete certain tasks. How wrong could you possibly be?

  3. Steve Arouet

    What a cheerful host, almost burst to laughter smile is awesome. If she was near me my lips would strike her cheeks like an neodymium magnet, such a cutie

  4. Stephen G

    I liked the color combo, but My question is how does one paint the cabinets without leaving brush strokes???

  5. Zephas99

    The after kitchen was a bit cold with the stark monochromatic blue and white. But maybe that's my generation. I love the warm wood tones of real wood and granite coming through. I thought that Erin was very attractive to the point of distraction, but that's not a complaint. :-)

  6. LegendaryDesi

    Can't get over the name Hinkley, lol!!! But thank you host, for a well explained segment on different type of lighting & its uses.
    — Agreed with previous commentor that the Before view are very beautiful than the After; on some projects.


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