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  1. Meichelle Spirit

    I realize this particular video is 3yrs old but when I seen how things turned out…. My eyes POPPED out of my HEAD!! I have been binge watching your videos and this… BY FAR…. Is my FAVORITE!! …… AMAZING!!!! ….. Just sayin' <3 <3 <3 Man I totally NEED you in my home!!!

  2. Karon French

    One word AMAZING. You have better vision than anybody I’ve ever seen Rebecca! That’s why I’m in the job I do and you do what you do. You inspire me!

  3. Yvonne Troupe

    Hello Ms. Robeson,
    I'm a new viewer to your design statement and aside from your $300 – $1200 bathroom makeover your makeovers seem to be way out of my league. I have a retirement income of a little over $40k. If I'm missing out on something please let me know. I love,
    love , love your style.
    beer budget with champagne style,

  4. Joan Jones

    can you do some pillow science best sizes how many etc and some boho designs????

  5. Yinka Davies

    you just blew me away with your final tuenout wwwwwwwoooooowwww

  6. Robin Holbrook

    What a transformation! I’m so obsessive compulsive I HAVE to change receptacle covers! I’ll faux finish if necessary! Lol 🌹

  7. Super L MORE

    Ja ja ja "Look it"! You're fabulous, brilliant, talented & non pretentious.

  8. ELeigh 09

    Rebecca needs to give me ideas…minus the $60k accessory budget 😒

  9. Jane Desmond

    Brilliant ! I wish I could afford you ! I love your taste, it is so me !

  10. Ronaye Tylor

    Horrible furniture & awful interior wood! The place is as beautiful now as you!

  11. 27noetic

    Hi Rebecca

    Huge fan. Just wondering about the painting used for the library in this video. Is it a Nierman or a reproduction?

  12. Xo_Sarah-Belle_oX Sakowitz

    Love your work been scetching some desighns to try and fit in here but im lost

  13. Xo_Sarah-Belle_oX Sakowitz

    My house is wood everywhere!!! Unmatching wood, brown carpet in the kitchen, and a rental. Help!!! Log cabin desighn much trying to brighten up the dark place on a budget in a rental

  14. Elinor Shaw

    I watched Susan's testimony on this video and agreed with everything she said. I've also struggled in the past to GET IT RIGHT. I've spent a lot of money over the decades on designing my home, and until now, I've never gotten it right. Rebecca's videos have helped me with direction and then following through to a finished look. step by step. One thing that was a challenge for me was sticking to a color palette. I'd go shopping and fall in love with this or that, then try and make it work in my room. I had to pull back on doing that. Now when I buy something, it has to be the right piece. I've done my living room and I'm at peace, finally, with this room. Eventually I'll have done all the rooms in my home. Thank you Rebecca!

  15. Marcia Senapathy

    This room is a masterpiece! Truly stunning. I am so glad I found your channel. I have learned so much from you that I have been able to use. It’s so important that we love our homes. Knowing how to make it that way within a strick budget is what takes talent. That is your “gift”…….and we are blessed by it.


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