In this must-see makeover, discover how designer Carly Nemtean transformed an impractical kitchen into a contemporary, country-inspired space.

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  1. Ann-Marie King

    I love the colour palette, design style and decor choices throughout, however I would have foregone the awkward bar seating for a deeper island and possibly added some kind of tiled (sink side) millwork barrier to keep the banquette seating protected from water and food spills on the island. Still, a good looking remodel.

  2. April Artis

    Don't know what everyone else is talking about but I love this especially the back splash, good job.

  3. Moe

    Hi designer, the sitting area will be covered by water splash if you ever wash a dish in that sink. Will be covered by raw meat juice if you cook for real. Interior design is different from fashion, it’s all about someone’s everyday life. I suggest anyone want to be interior designer has to live in real life for at least a year to get the qualification. I wish every interior designer has experience of cooking, cleaning, talking care of kids and pets and elders, also knows how much storage space a family actually needs.

  4. Kerry Urech

    I normally love H&H, but this renovation is not up to your usual standards.

  5. Freesia

    How are ppl in the comments so rude? I thought mature adults were watching? Design is subjective but everyone is acting like they know best.. Personally, I think Carly did an amazing job. I'm going to take some inspirations and apply it to my own space.

  6. YouWannaKookie ?

    It’s not the most practical I didn’t subscribe to be not impressed and that “additional sink for prep” makes no sense!!

  7. cheekyoziechick

    I loved the eating area. Very cozy and far better than that dark wood look.

  8. Aki Kolehmainen

    How could any respectable designer replace an original fireplace with … a television??

  9. Steve Mahr

    Ugh! What a hodgepodge of styles! And a banquet in the middle of the kitchen island!? Bizarre. That massive slab of a kitchen table – how the heck do you slide your feed and knees past those chunky table legs to sit on the banquet bench? Barn wood coffered ceilings? Crown molding and limestone? Weird.

  10. rockshot100

    Where is the counter space? That little sink with no counter "for additional Prep" makes no sense.

  11. rockshot100

    Not very impressive if you consider it is a complete redo. This is "country"? How? That nasally voice with the upswing was just as grating. Those weird and massively huge custom legs of the island and that light fixture above, uhh, no…

  12. SuperJhong

    Im always not a fan of Banquet, its annoying when eating with a lot of People. Theres still a big space behind the sofa that could fit a 6-8 sitters dinning table and go with the normal Kitchen Island that could fit more bar stools. Thats is way better for entertaining. But i really love the design aesthetics, it has modern yet not bland look to it maybe because of the Farm Style addition to it. Loving the color schemes too.

  13. oowatwat

    Whoa this kitchen is GINORMOUS. Also, unrelated but I love her lipstick haha looks really good with her sweater


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