In this video I am sharing how we mixed metals in our kitchen design, from brass to silver to copper, I share how these classic elements can all work together …

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  1. Stephanie S

    Looks great. I remember you switched out your pulls. I have all polished chrome.

  2. Lynette Yoder

    You have a wonderful way of pulling it all together! I especially love the copper.. you know me πŸ˜†β€οΈ

  3. Jen Dyson

    When I last painted kitchen cabinets I don't think chalk paint was a thing. Does it give a better overall finish than a good semi gloss? Just curious because I used regular paint for mine with good results but I see a lot of people have chosen the chalk paint instead. I love your kitchen and have definitely decided to use wood for counter tops when I change them because I like the look of yours so much.

  4. Being Nancy

    Enjoyed seeing your beautiful kitchen. Love the mixing of metals. I have alot of silver pieces. I rarely use. Your video encourages me to get it out and use it. Very inspirational. 🌻🌻🌻

  5. Debbie Sivertson

    Adore your style and ideas so much ❀️!!! Do you meal plan? Do you cook most of your meals? You are one of my favorite inspirations 😊 !! Would love to know your approach to meal plans, cooking, etc.

  6. Laila Garrett

    I have mixed metals in my kitchen as well. My faucet is aged bronze, my backsplash is silver, my fridge is nickel, bu the biggest is all my vintage canning jars with zinc lids that line my wall on 4 in deep shelves we made out of wood tray crates for coke and pepsi and the like. My style tends to be victorian farmhouse.


    Hillary, Your kitchen is beautiful. Everything works so well together.

  8. Mom Margie

    Your kitchen is extremely beautiful, I love how you gave Your kitchen that extra Special Touch that represent only You! My kitchen cabinets are painted off white, and all the knobs are blue & white, and the kitchen island is dark cherry, and My accessories are blue & white, with three crystal chandeliers in the kitchen.

  9. Vicki Noeske

    Love the vintage brass hardware – how serendipitous you had enough from purchased cabinets to use on your home's existing cabinets.

  10. Constanze Castrillon

    Such a lovely kitchen. Our kitchen was remodeled already so we didn't get to choose. Our home decor, though, is definitely mixed. We have antiques and new, different wood finishes, and no specific style but our own. It just happened that way. But I do like how it represents us. A little bit of everything blended together.

  11. Alicia Una Ryan

    I was quite surprised as I had noticed the mixed metals you had in your kitchen & home already. I absolutely love it
    Greetings from South Africa

  12. Carry Grace

    You mix metals so well! I always like the look. I’m trying to figure out the best way to mix them in our bathroom and it is making my head spin. πŸ˜‚πŸ€―

  13. Jackies HomeSweetHome

    I love mixing metals we actually have some silver and brass. I have found that copper is just too orange for me and I’m not an orange gal. Lol! So for me it’s brass and silver! Thanks Hilary! πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’πŸ€—(Although I do have 1 vintage copper & brass decanter I use as a vase for holding fresh flowers)

  14. SalonDivaV

    Hilary your kitchen is beautiful and I love the brass hardware even though I am partial to silver

  15. Gigi Eyre

    I love this! I think its wonderful to put all the different styles/metals together. I like all of these and its fun to thrift something and be able to put it in my home without having to match everything perfectly.

  16. Raindrops On Roses

    Do you have a video about how you refinished/painted you kitchen cabinets?

  17. the Daily Connoisseur

    Hi Hilary, I'm so grateful you helped me with our mixed metal conundrum because if I didn't talk to you I might have played it safe and now our brass knobs and pulls are some of my favorite parts of the kitchen… they make the blue cabinets pop! So thank you, thank you! I love how you mixed metals in your kitchen. Those unlacquered brass knobs and back plate are so unique. Thanks for the kitchen inspiration! Jennifer xx


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