In this video, I am going to take you on a model home tour. Last year, I was asked to decorate a model home from top to bottom. The Jones Company located in …

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  1. burney6211

    My favorite room? Definitely the walk-in closet with the trick "no-show" overhead lighting! lol

  2. Jeanne Brinkman

    Awesome decor!!! The master bedroom was my favorite of favorites ❣️

  3. Debra S

    Just lovely. I wish you would have shown detail on all of the drapery. That is where I struggle the most. I especially liked the bonus room fabric but was sad I couldn't see it up close. I like the feminine/masculine feel of the rooms. My fiancé filled his house with brown and beige (ugh). This video gives me great ideas for updating to a male sensibility but Balancing male and female perspective. Thank you so much!

  4. Donna Vogel

    Jennifer do you have a paint list? Where did you find the clocks? Beautiful!

  5. Jennifer Trew

    I like how you made the bonus room Nashville themed without being to “themey.”

  6. Donna Vogel

    Jennifer the house is beautiful, I honestly can’t pick a favorite room, their all unique, as always its the details that you are so awesome with. I really love the clocks.

  7. Andrée

    Such a beautifully decorated home. Well done.
    And everything wasn't white! So lovely to see colour throughout the home : )


    Simply beautiful, I luv how the decor for this property turned out. This video was lots of fun, Thanks for sharing.

  9. nmoss m

    Omg I just discovered you, and now I can’t stop watching your videos! I’m so impressed by you! Thank you!


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